DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Decoration actually displays your event! Other than the menu, it is the main thing you’re worried about while organizing any event and you’re bored with these simple ribbons and balloons. So, if you’re arranging a baby shower or any other event related to this, we have some amazing DIY baby shower decoration ideas for you! A baby shower is a very important moment for a mother who wants her baby’s event to be the most memorable and unique one as well. So, we are here to help you! Here we go!

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Make a Diaper cake.

Well, for many of you reading this, it will be very shocking for you. Calm down buddy, it’s not a cake to be eaten, it’s just an item for decoration. The things you’ll be needing for this diaper cake are; 23 diapers, tape, and some colorful ribbons of your choice. Now, how to make it? First of all, make rolls of each diaper just like you eat a roll, and tape it around it so every diaper looks a tissue roll. Now, gather three tubes (diaper rolls) and tie it with the ribbon, this will help you make the top tier of the cake. Now, gather seven rolls, one in the middle and the six surrounding it, this will be your middle tier, just like the cake that has three tiers. At last, gather 11 to 12 rolls together, two to three in the middle, and the remaining ones, around it, this will be the tier at the bottom. Now, finally, place all the tiers on their position; The wider one on the bottom, then the smaller ones on the middle and the smallest on the top. So, this was just the technique of this diaper cake and it’s especially for the baby shower! So All the mothers who want their baby shower to be the most unique, grab this idea before it gets common! It’s not difficult to make it, nor does anyone knows about it! You can place this cake on a table or somewhere in the entrance, up to you!

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A unique clothesline saying, Welcome baby.

Well, whenever you go to a baby shower, you just see the room decorated with balloons and a very simple entrance. So why not hang a clothesline at the entrance? This clothesline shall say, Welcome baby or something different, choose something creative! How to make it? It’s not that tricky. First, hang a string/ clothesline on the entrance pathway or as per your wish, wherever you think it will look good! This string should be big enough to hang all the 11 diapers saying, “Welcome baby” or “Oh my Baby!” Anything you like! Now, let’s prepare the alphabet. Take each diaper and each alphabet on it, it should be big enough covering one-third of the space, so that’s it’s visible to the guests. You can write it with glitter glues or with the puff paints, anything you think will be suitable. Then decorate the clothespins accordingly too. You can draw balloons on it or any kind of toy! Finally, when the diapers and the clothespin have dried, Hang each diaper with the clothespin and get your sign off “Welcome Baby” ready!

Decorated Centrepiece basket.

Well, the buffet table and the gifts tables look really simple in most of the baby showers I have attended. So why not place a centerpiece basket on these tables! Go and grab some items related to these baby shower events like coloring books, stuffed toys mainly cartoons, and receiving blankets and all that stuff. Gather it in a beautiful basket, putting some color full ribbons and glitter papers over it, and below it, in order to increase its a beauty! Then, tie a helium balloon on it and place it on the table or wherever you think it will look perfect!

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Decorated table covers.

Apart from the walls, and floors, your table covers are also a part of your decoration. Well, choose light-colored mats if it’s a baby girl, then you may choose baby pink color and obviously if it’s a boy, then something like blue or violet. You can decorate it with your hands, like with glitters, if you have good drawing skills, then you may draw some cartoons, or if not, then, you can go for some customized stamps. If you’re not used to using stamps, then it’s better to try it on a sample cloth. After using it, and when you’re done with decorating the table cloth, you can clean the stamp by wetting it with water. So, I’m pretty sure that you must haven’t seen it somewhere else, so quickly pick this idea and try it for your baby shower or your friend’s.

These were some unique and great decoration ideas for your baby showers, hope you all will try it if you’re having a baby shower or want the ideas for someone else! Best of luck!

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