12 Creative Baby Shower Ideas

12 Creative Baby Shower Ideas for Boys and Girls

A baby shower is a bash to rejoice in the birth of a new baby. The celebration is held as a milestone in a woman’s life when she transforms into a mother from a woman. This party is usually arranged by the friends and family of the parents to be to express their joy. After all, an upcoming baby in the family is a great reason to party, right?

Here we present you 12 creative baby shower ideas for boys and girls to get the baby shower celebrations kick-started without costing an arm and a leg.

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  1. Advice Cards for the Parents

Becoming a parent is life-changing on a whole new level and advice cards are a sure way of making things easier for new parents by giving genuine parenting advice that the parents would remember. This would also help them to learn a thing or two from someone else’s experience and help them to not make a blunder when it comes to their baby. On top of that, they are a great party trick to help lighten the overall mood of the party.

  1. Color the alphabet card book

A party needs lots of activity for the attendants. New parents would want their family and friends to feel as if they are also a part of the whole baby process, and therefore a ‘Color the alphabet card book’ is the perfect idea to put life in the party and to unite everyone into creating a wonderful memory for the soon to be parents.

Simply print out all the alphabets on an A4 sized sheet, make sure that the alphabets are in Bubbly fonts and have space to be colored inside. Next, hand one sheet out to every attendant and ask them to color the sheet and write their names at the bottom of the sheet. At the end of the party, staple the sheets together and get it attached to create an alphabet card book for the upcoming baby. This would be a thoughtful gift and would be treasured by the baby and the parents for the years to come.

  1. Little footprints banners

You can always utilize a little bit of creativity into creating something extraordinary. Simply draw a picture of baby footprints or print them out from the internet. The next step is to cut them out from their borders and attach them carefully to a sting or a wire. Voila, your creative banner is ready for the baby shower.

  1. Sweet Video Message for the baby

It is extremely important for the parents to be to know how much their family and friends appreciate the upcoming baby. Recording a video message for the baby at the baby shower will add fun to the party and make the parents feel overwhelmed on the arrival of their baby and what’s more, is that the child will forever cherish the video messages.

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  1. Balloon photo ceiling

If you are looking to add more creativity in the baby shower, add balloons to the party. Tie ribbons instead of strings to the balloons and attach baby pictures of the mom to be and dad to be at the end of the ribbon string.

  1. Baby Photo props

Photo props make everything look fun and your guests would be glad to use them for their photos. Photo props can be created out of cardboard sheets or colored papers. These props can be download online and can be printed and cut into shape. If you are feeling a bit creative, you can always add stones, glitter, and shiny stickers to the props to give life to them.

  1. Happy Diaper Basket

Where there is a baby, there are diapers. Create a happy diaper basket for the baby and have each guest write one funny line for the baby on the back of the diaper. Make sure the message is funny and appropriate for the event. It would be a delightful gift that the parents would remember and laugh about for their lifetime

  1. Paper Flowers for the décor

Baby showers definitely need some décor, and paper flowers are an inexpensive way to adorn the ceilings and the cake table. Paper flowers can be made easily with the help of crape papers and chart papers. You can also use colored sheets and cut them in the shape of flowers. Simply draw a flower on the sheet and cut through the borders. You can choose Blue paper flowers for boys, and pink for girls.

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  1. Pom Pom Balls

Pom Poms look good as table décor. Pom pom balls can be created by mushing crape papers roughly. The more pom pom balls are placed, the better it would look.

  1. Guess the baby’ game

Ask your guests to bring a baby picture of their own and mix them in one bowl. As a part of the game, all the guests have to guess who the person in the baby picture is. The winner gets huge applause and a cupcake.

  1. Baby name suggestion cards

Newbie parents are confused about a lot of things, but baby names come on the top of the list. Make it easier for them by suggesting baby name cards for boys and girls. Maybe the parents would consider one of the names from the given list, and even if the names are not chosen by the parents they would still find it nice to have some options.

  1. Handmade gifts for the baby

A baby brings joy to everyone’s life and so a handmade gift is a small effort to bring joy in the baby’s life. Create handmade gifts can include decorated jars to keep baby stuff in, hand-sewn clothes or handmade toys. The choice lies with you.

These are some creative ideas to add color and imagination in a baby shower, be it for a boy or a girl. You can use these ideas to add life to the baby shower and make it notable and memorable for the parents forever.

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