Gender Reveal Games

6 Fun and Creative Gender Reveal Games

Gender reveal; an amazing opportunity to gather all your family friends and share your happiness with them! The most important event in a mother’s life when she reveals the gender of her baby! An occasion when the parents to be celebrate their joy with a day full of fun and exciting games! This day gives you an opportunity to share your ideas with the ones close to you and discuss some cute baby names as well. Here we have some best gender reveal games that might make your day a cool one!

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  • Pink or blue? gender reveal game!

Here you’ll need to decorate a frame full of small pink and blue coloured hearts or stars pasted on it. As the guests keep on arriving, ask them to write their names in either coloured stars or hearts; If they think that you’re expecting a boy, they’ll write their names in blue ones, if girl, then the pink ones. In the end, check who guessed the right and give them gifts. This game will also keep your memory alive since, you’ll have all the guests name written on the frame! This game will also keep on remind you about the game when your child gets older.

  • Water balloons filled with paints.

Here, this is an amazing game when everyone will be throwing balloons on each other! Remember to fill the water balloons with paints of blue and pink colours! Everyone in the party messed up! How beautiful and full of joy event! Don’t forget to click the pictures of the event!

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  • What’s your choice?

Now, when a woman gets to know the gender, what she first thinks about is the name! As soon as all the guests arrive, write down some coolest baby boy and baby girl names and make them guess which have you choosen to keep! After revealing the gender, let them know your choice too and reward the one who has guessed right! Secondly, don’t forget to take the picture of these names! Once your baby grows up, he’ll definitely ask you “what were the names that you were going through before I was born…” So remembering the names is quite difficult; the picture is the perfect answer.

  • Pop the balloons!

Then comes this game when you’ll have to do a lot of work! If you’re expecting a baby girl, blow 100 balloons out of which fill one balloon with pink confetti, the guests coming one by one will keep on popping the balloons. As soon as they find the confetti, they’ll know the gender! This game creates a lot of suspense and excitement!

  • Names race!

If you’re looking for names, this game will prove to be the best one! Hand out plain sheets to each of the guest and start the timer! Give them 5 minutes and tell them to write the baby names! The one who writes the greatest number of names is the winner! In this game, you’ll also get a lot of different baby name ideas out of which you can choose the best one!

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  • Scratch the cards!

This game requires the guests to scratch the card if they want to know the gender. These scratch can easily be ordered with different special designs. Hand out the scratch designs to everyone at a same time.

So, these were some amazing and unique gender reveal games that one may try in their event! Go and try these ideas before they get common!

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