50 Best Fun and Scary Halloween Wallpapers

50 Best Fun and Scary Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is one of the most beloved holiday. In Halloween, children and adults everyone likes to dress up as something scary or fantastic. but it’s not all about bodies wearing costumes. but there are all kind of Halloween theme Wallpapers for your computer. To celebrate holiday in style you’ll want to trick your laptop, computer or smartphones with appropriate wallpapers. there are plenty of Halloween Content around internet but we’ve gathered some of the Best Halloween Wallpapers so you can pick your favourite with ease without any trouble.

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But before we move onto the Wallpapers we should know about the History of Halloween because knowing the history can help you pick better content related to Halloween.

So the first question that comes in our mind, Why do we celebrate Halloween? And  what’s the reason behind dressing up as ghost on this day? Hopefully, this article will help you understand the reason and history behind this and help you resolve all your confusions.

History Behind Halloween

Halloween started in Ancient times when Celts in Samhain figured that ghost and spirits can easily pass through their world and can ruin their beautiful world. They decided that these spirits needed to be scared away to ensure happiness and peace in the world. So the Celts arranged a giant festival in which they offered food and water to the ghosts in the hopes to scare them away. After that it became an official religious tradition of Celts Religion.

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Then later with the advent of Romans in Samhain, When Christianity started to become a popular religion. The Romans decided that since Halloween in an ancient tradition it should be completely wiped out from the culture,  So they merge the festival with All Hollows Eve in an effort to promote harmony in the area. This was also an effort to unite the nations and move more people to accept Christianity as their religion.

Before as a tradition Churches would light vigil for saints of Christianity before the festival, Celebrate the festival by warding off evil spirits the next day. Since then there has been a lot of changes. Before people used to place food for the ghost and beggars used to steal that food, Then as a message of Kindness and empathy people started to place food out for beggars instead of ghosts. Then after sometimes, Children started to dress as ghost and showcase their talent to earn candies, sweets and money from the neighbors.

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As the time passes tradition of Halloween become more famous. the tradition of placing food for beggars or ghosts completely wiped out and it turned into new tradition of partying and dressing up, The original tradition of Halloween got merge with the american tradition.

Halloween is still celebrated as a festival where children go out to neighbor dressing up and showing their talent for trick and treat. Some people send cards to their loved ones and some celebrate it by throwing costume parties to their friends, some people change their phone or computers Wallpaper to make Halloween Environment.

Below you’ll see some of the best Halloween Wallpapers that you can set on your computers or Phones, Or you can send it to your loved ones.

50 Best Halloween Wallpapers

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