Black Friday Facts

Black Friday, a day when the majority of the US Citizens run out of their places in search of great deals and discounts on their favorite brands, but there are some interesting facts about this day that you guys might have never heard of before! So, are you ready? Here we go!

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The term black Friday was first used in the year 24 Sept 1869.

The color black in majority cases is seen when something bad happens. Therefore, the term was also used when there was a big crash in the gold market because of two men, Jay Gould And James Fisk who tried to corner this complete gold market of NewYork Stock exchange, and hence, many investors faced great losses. Later on, it started to become a shopping day for many!

People also tried to call it Big Friday.

This shopping day was basically a big disastrous day for all the traffic police officers and other working people, who faced difficulty in handling the rush. They were so frustrated by this day that eventually they started calling it Black Friday. Now, most of the shopkeepers and retailers were worried about this day’s reputation and so they introduced the word, Big Friday. ( A newspaper used the term Big Friday in 1961). Still, the word was not carried on further and continued to be called black Friday.

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Retailers referred to this day as “Going into black.”

In the past, when the retailers sold their products, they used to write the profits into black. On this day, retailers earn a huge amount of profits which means that they were going into black; Great profits written in black.

Plumbers have never been more busy as compared to this day.

CNN has reported that Black Friday is one of the busiest days for the plumbers as well since they are called to clean up once the guests are over.

Thanksgiving date was changed because of Black Friday.

At first, the thanksgiving day was celebrated on the fifth Thursday of November. Since it was the last day of the month, the shopping season would get short for the shoppers which were disadvantageous for the retailers as well. Therefore, the US president moved the Thanksgiving date to Fourth Thursday in order to extend the shopping season so that people can do shopping for Christmas with full satisfaction.

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Black Friday is famous in around 15 to 16 countries around the world.

As soon as the thanksgiving was over, people from Canada visited the United States in order to grab these Black Friday deals. This ultimately offended the Canadian retailers who then started giving out their own Black Friday deals! Soon, it spread in many other Countries including Mexico (In Mexico, this day is referred as EI BUEN FIN which means The good Weekend and the deals carry on the whole weekend), India, France, Norway etc.

  • Around 2 People were shot down in the year 2012 while arguing over parking space.
  • In the year 2013, more than 130 million people went for shopping on black Friday and this number of people is more than the entire popular population of Japan.
  • A poll has reported that more than 20% of shoppers don’t miss any black friday.
  • Black Friday, became a national term during 1990s and it was not recognised before it.

So, these were some amazing facts on black Friday which you must not have heard before! We hope you enjoyed reading it!

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