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Anniversary is an important day in everyone’s life. It’s the day when an important event happened in previous years. People usually remembers the day something important happened to them and they like to celebrate that day. Like some people celebrate the day they were born, some likes to celebrate the day when their first child was born. Some couples even remember the day when they met or they get married and they likes to celebrate that day with full energy and express their happiness. People throw big parties or plan a family dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Research says celebrating anniversaries can help people strengthen their relationship because celebrating important events can help bring old memories back and help people remember how good they were together. So if you’re having a problem in your relationship with someone celebrating a anniversary and always be better than just wishing Happy Anniversary.
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Anniversary is the day on which an important event happened in the previous year. Mostly couple remembers special moments in their relationship like the day they first time met, the day they get married, the birth of their babies, but not all of them celebrate especially after being together for so long. Not only couples but big firms and...

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