Christmas Celebration

Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas Celebration

Christmas, a day celebrated by the Christians all around the world is luckily a Public Holiday, a day when Jesus was born; as declared.

To give a brief introduction, Christmas is celebrated on 25 December and not just Christians but also many non-Christians celebrate it.

Here, in this article you are going to know some surprising facts about Christmas celebration; Here we go.

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  • History behind the word the Christmas

This word Christmas is derived from the original word “Christ’s mass.” Since the Christians celebrate this day on 25 Dec, the fact should be kept in mind that there is no specific evidence that marks the birth of Jesus. The most important thing is that there are some historians who have this belief that Jesus was born in Spring. So, there’s a total confusion when was Jesus actually born.

  • Christmas activities

This date, 25 December was chosen following the pagans’ festival Saturnalia which included exchanging gifts and partying, gathering socially and gambling. Hence, the Christians followed these activities too.

  • Why was Christmas banned?

Now comes the most interesting fact; In the Early days of Christmas, people were not allowed to celebrate Christmas because it coincided with some of the pagans’ festivals. This was the period between 1659 to 1681, which means a period of 22 years. It was so intense that it was considered as a crime to celebrate Christmas in Boston and if you were by mistake caught celebrating, you were subjected to pay fine.

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  • History of santa claus

Christmas Celebration facts

Christian children eagerly wait for Santa Claus during Christmas and they think he’ll fulfil all their wishes. Now what’s the point is that, it’s believed that Santa Claus has come from St. Nicholas that is basically a Christian bishop in Turkey and has inherited a lot of power and wealth. Therefore, this wealth is meant to be distributed among the children and fulfil their wishes. So, the Christians believe that Santa Claus buys gifts from all the money and distribute it.

  • Why do we leave Cookies and Milk for Santa

Christian children carry a process of leaving some cookies and milk for the Santa, why is it so? This tradition was followed from the Dutch kids who used to leave food and water for St. Nicholas during his feast day.

  • Santa’s suit was originally blue

Some of you might have noticed that the previous dress of Santa Claus was of blue and white colour, so how did the Santa started wearing red colour? Santa Clause actually started wearing red colour suit by seeing the Coca Cola advertisement and after that whoever dressed like Santa Claus during the day was supposed to wear the same red dress with white beard.

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Hopefully, you guys might have got to know some surprising and interesting facts that you must have not heard of before. Now, whenever you’ll get a chance to celebrate Christmas, you’ll be knowing all the traditions and customs that are being followed and what is the actual reason behind all this. Good luck!

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