Coed Baby Shower Games

Fun and Exciting Coed Baby Shower Games Ideas

A best menu and awesome decoration can make a baby shower, a memorable event, but to make your event, the best one and enjoyable. Here are some of the best games you can play on a coed baby shower.

  • Race with ping pong balls.

For this game, you will need some big balloons and many Ping Pong balls. First of all, divide the people into two teams and every player should place the balloon under his shirt just like the mum to be and the Ping Pong ball between his thighs. One player from each team will start running and go to the end where there will be a jar and he has to put the ball into the jar from between his thighs without using his hand obviously. Then, with the balloon under his shirt, he/ she has to run to another player and touch him so that he continues the race. The team that has a greater number of Ping Pong balls in the jar will definitely win.

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  • Testing baby food game.

First of all, buy some well known flavours of baby food that people face difficulty in getting but it’s not impossible. Then remove the label of the baby food and pour it into different jars labelling the Jars 1, 2, 3 and so on. Keep an answer key with yourself in which you write the corresponding baby food name along with the number so that you also don’t get confused. Now, begin the game. Let the guest taste the food one by one and write the answer on their different pieces of papers. The guests who get a greater number of correct answers is obviously the winner.

  • Putting the clothes on the clothesline.

This game is a little bit interesting where you will be needing a lot of baby dolls. Now, you have to make some clotheslines which you can either hang on the pillars or on the walls anywhere you feel is convenient. Then, handle all the players a baby doll in one of their hands and tell them to keep their cell phones on the other hand. Give each player 2 to 3 baskets of baby clothes and ask them to hang out the clothes on the clothesline. The one who hang all the baby clothes first, is the winner.

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  • The bunties games.

This one is a simple game which you can also try. Here you will need a bottle and fill the bottle with some bunties or the M&Ms candies available to you and then ask the guest to guess how many bunties are there in the bottle. Give each guest a paper glass with the label and they have to write down the number of Bunties in the bottle on their cup. After everyone has written the answers on their cup, count the M&Ms and the one who has written the correct answer, wins.

  • The timer game.

Now here, what you will need to do, is set a timer of 15 minutes when the mother- to- be starts opening the gifts. As she will open the gift one by one, it will obviously take time because people will be hooting and making noises. So the persons gift, that the mother has in the hand when the timer runs out, is the winner.

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So guys, these were some amazing activities and games which you can obviously try on your upcoming baby shower or your friend’s whom you consider to be close to you. Try these games out until they get common!

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