Coed baby shower

A Coed baby shower is basically when you invite all your family members including both men and women and share your joy with everyone. So, directly here the question gets cut down when we know that the more the people, the greater the joy. Still, just to make you guys more clear, we have mentioned below the reasons why a coed baby shower is more preferable than a normal baby shower which is just for girls/ women.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Co-Ed Baby Shower

The spotlight divides.

When you just invite the girls for a baby shower, the main center of attention is the mom- to- be and therefore, it can sometimes get uncomfortable for the lady who is being noticed by everyone. Hence, when you invite everyone including the men as well, the spotlight actually divides and then your husband who is the father- to- be, also becomes the center of attention which actually does not make you feel uncomfortable, as you have your partner there.

Other children can also celebrate.

Now, let’s suppose you are expecting a second child and your first child is a boy. Then what? That child cannot even join the celebration of his sibling? How rude is that! As a result, people prefer going for coed baby shower, so that the other siblings can also celebrate the baby shower, no matter whether they are boys or girls.

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Males are the best helpers.

The baby shower is not a small event every time, it requires a lot of preparation starting from the menu (which has to be decided carefully), then the hosting, activities that has to be carried on that day, and every small thing. Therefore, a single lady cannot take care of everything. Hence, when there will be your partner, the dad- to- be, he will help you a lot from the setting of the activities to cleaning up the place after the event. In addition to it, he can also come up with great unique ideas and themes of the event. So, people like me prefer to have a coed baby shower to distribute the work and make it easier to handle!

Ensuring that your friends also get invited to the event.

Sometimes, apart from the ladies, there are also some male friends who have helped you a lot in your past and you want to share your happiness with them. Therefore, a coed baby shower is very important to be kept in order to make sure that you are also giving them something in return and making them realize that you really are thankful to them. A coed baby shower ensures that all the important people whom you consider to be your loved ones are included in this celebration.

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It is more fun.

You must have heard of the statement, The more the merrier, right? So, when you invite a greater number of people, you can carry on different varieties of activities like you can play a couple of games and many more fun games to ensure that your baby shower becomes the most memorable event ever.

So, guys, these were some strong and valid reasons that will convince you that coed baby showers are far better than the normal ones. Have a good day!

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