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December Birth Flower and The Meaning Behind it

Flowers are the symbol of love and spirit! Personally, seeing the flowers gives a feeling of relaxation and peace where as the beauty of these flowers make you lively! Coming to the flowers of the month, every month has a specific flower and you can check your birth flower seeing your birth month!

For all the people born on December, have a look at your birth flower! It’s no other but Narcissus and some people also consider Holly being the birth flower! Here’s the right place to learn what does these flowers represent and symbolise! Also that, you’ll get to know some amazing and interesting facts on these species!

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Holly, being considered as the birth flower of December by just a few people, it’s not safe for the humans to consume it, however, many plants and animals, except the deer, love having Holly berries! To add more, when you’re wishing for someone to have domestic happiness, you may gift this flower to them!


Narcissus; Just the Paperwhite, are the winter species, these flower when gifted to someone conveys the message that you want your loved one to stay the same, just the way they are! Narcissus are most of the time, seen in spring and this tells us that the winter season is no more! Keeping this in mind, we assume that these flowers represent new beginnings.

Narcissi flowers also represent something creative and special, forgiveness and importance; this means that if you give someone these flowers, you’re ensuring them that they’re really important in your life and they are The only ones!

Some people also have this belief that this word Narcissus is originated from the word narkao which actually means to be numb, since these flowers are poisonous to us!

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What’s the myth behind this word?

According to the greek myth, there was a River god, Cephissus, his son was Narcissus who was a very handsome man. Echo, a mountain nymph, fell in love with him but Narcissus rejected after which she spent her remaining life sadly wandering in the woods!

The goddess of revenge, took Narcissus to a stream were he saw his reflection. Narcissus fell in love with his revenge and he never ever moved a single step away from the stream. Being exhausted and tired seeing his reflection all the time, he drowned in the stream! Since then, daffodils were started calling Narcissus because they grow along the banks and rivers where this man, Narcissus was drowned!

What else does this flower represent?

There are cultures believing that daffodils prove to bring a good fortune, bringing wealth with it! People think that the one who sees the first daffodil to bloom, will be very rich for the rest of the year. Just like this, it’s also a belief that if a daffodil blooms at your garden on new year, it will bring wealth in your house!

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The second belief is that daffodils are a symbol of happiness and hope. They are mainly given when people are celebrating their baby showers and anniversaries! If your loved one is celebrating happiness, gift them these along with a message of hope that they’ll keep on experiencing such great joys in the future too!

If you’re the one who’s mad after flowers and want to celebrate someone’s joy or happiness, give them a bunch of daffodils, no gift will be better!

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