Earth Day Tips

Out of the 365 days in a year, there is just one day that you all celebrate for our planet, The Earth Day! To thank you for the blessings it has given to us! To spend our time doing something which will totally benefit the earth. Hence, this day is celebrated and recognized by more than 160 countries worldwide on 22 April every year. When you guys can take a leave from work just to celebrate your birthdays, mother’s day or father’s day, then this day should not be ignored at any cost! It’s the question of our planet, our earth! The earth gives us fresh air to breathe! Clean water to drink! And the trees give us fresh fruit! So how can one be so ungrateful by just ignoring this day?

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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Here are the 10 best Earth day tips which you guys can try on the Earth day!

Learn about the environmental issues getting serious day by day.

On this earth day, try to find out more about your environment. What are the environmental issues that your country is facing and how can people find a solution to it? Find out about some interesting places in the world which you have heard of before. How is the environment there and people’s lifestyle! Believe me, nothing would be more interesting than exploring new things.

Make others aware of the earth’s day!

Sharing is caring! There are many other people worldwide who are still unaware of this earth day or they are not interested in celebrating this day. Therefore, you can play a very important role in making others aware of this earth day. How? You can give speeches in your working places, libraries, and other events! You and your friends can wear green and brown clothes and go to a garden, you’ll get spotlighted amongst many people and hence, this will give you a chance to spread the word further.

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Participate along with the local environmental groups.

There are many local environmental groups that go for different tasks such as cleaning the beaches, planting trees, protesting against pollutions and stopping the people from making more pollution by telling them how harmful can this pollution be! You can join these groups; You can take children to educational trips and teach them how to recycle things.

Don’t use your personal cars on this day.

Air pollution is the major cause of health problems like asthma and breathing issues. Not only this, but the harmful exhaust fumes from your cars can be a major source of pollution that not only brings health problems with it but also causes global warming. Hence, let’s use the public transport system on this day! Or try walking past down the street which will be a two-way benefit. You’ll save the environment and you’ll get a chance to walk, to exercise, and to get fresh air to breathe.

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Attend earth day events or plan one.

Earth day should be celebrated with full joy and energy! To show your love for your planet, you can attend many earth day events that have stalls regarding the recycling of things and a program full of speeches and questions regarding earth!

The other 5 activities that you can practice on earth day includes;

  • Practicing yoga outdoors along with your friends; this will give you fresh air to breathe and a great day!
  • Turn off all the electrical appliances.
  • Go for planting.
  • Try fixing things on your own rather than dumping it or throwing it outside causing litter and land pollution.
  • Less usage of plastic bags! Whenever you go shopping, take your own reusable bag with you!

These activities are not just supposed to be carried out on earth day only, but remember that every day is earth day! Once you follow all the tips, people will follow you! To become an example for everyone around you! Heal your earth! Heal your land!

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