February Birth Flower

Do you know that red rose is not a February birth flower? Yes, you have heard it right. With Valentine’s day in mind, most people consider red rose to be a February’s birth month flower but that’s not true actually.

The majority of the people know about birthstones but they don’t know that they also have birth flowers, which depend on the month which they were born in. In this blog, we will let you know about the two birth flowers associated with the month of February. Have a look at them below:

What are the February Birth Flowers?

There are two February birth flowers – the violet and the primrose.

The Violet

The Violet

The violet signifies loyalty, watchfulness, and faithfulness. This flower is given to those who you care about the most and are always available for them. A violet flower is the main member of the genus Viola. The African violet (Saintpaulia) and the dogtooth violet (Erythronium dens-canis) are not considered to be the true violets. But all the violets are not the same– they may differ in color such as white, blue, yellow, off-white or even multi-colored.

There are also a number of violet perennials, in which small and annual shrubs are the most common.

In the Greeks’ view, the violet represents fertility, love and acts as an agent of love potions. Additionally, the violet is the earliest known flower In the Christian and other famous traditions. In short, the violet is significantly associated with humility and purity. It is also known by its common name as Our Lady’s Modesty.

True Meaning

The purple petals signify the truth,” while the white petals refer to loyalty. You can find more than 500 species of violet, which may also include the pansies, which are bright and hybrid plants in color with the same petals.

The violet flower is also used by many medieval herbalists and experts as it is rich in healing powers. Moreover, the violet is also known as the official state flower of Rhode, Wisconsin, Illinois, Island, as well as New Jersey.

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When it comes to the primrose, we always think about English primrose, Primula vulgaris. We also refer it to any family member Primulaceae. Well, the word Primrose is derived from the Latin primus, which means early or first, however, no flower can replace the “rose”.

The ancient Greeks named it as dodecaphony, a flower of the 12 gods. It is their common belief that the primrose healed different diseases such as paralysis.

The primrose flower is native to a big part of Asia and Europe, extending from Portugal, Norway, Syria, and also Armenia.

Ophelia rightly accused her brother Laertes In Hamlet for treading the dalliance primrose path, which means that it was right to take the sinful and easy route in his view. The primrose is also a symbol of young love and affection and as a February birth flower, it is fully associated with the undying and long-lasting affection.

True Meaning

Primrose signifies deep loyalty and long-lasting feelings. This flower is given to those who you cannot live without. The Primrose flower is European origin perennial which is not related to the king of flower “the rose”. Every year in winter, they would smoothly multiply they are provided with a little moist soil and shade

Primrose flowers grow in early spring and they are available in different colors. They flourish in damp conditions as well such as garden borders and beds.

However, these flowers do not last for a longer time so they don’t need a special arrangement of fertilization. The flowers and leaves of this plant are quite edible and are used for making wine and soup.

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