Gender Reveal Ideas

A lady’s best moment is when she hears that she’ll become a mother! And the second-best moment is when she gets to know the gender of her baby! Happiness increases when you share it with your family and friends! It’s now a trend to celebrate the gender reveal calling on your family and friends, gathering together and revealing the gender of your baby by showing the colors; pink or blue. Here, if you’re the one looking for the best gender reveal ideas, this is the most suitable place you’ll find everything about gender reveal! The 10 best gender reveal ideas are as follows;

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Fun and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

  • Filling hands with jelly beans.

This idea was recently seen by a couple who were expecting a baby girl. What did they do? The dad was carrying a handful of blue jelly beans and the mom was carrying a handful of pink jelly beans. Now, when the parents-to-be, clicked their first photo, they both opened their hand and showed the beans. In the second picture, the dad closed his hand, and the mom let her hand remain opened which ultimately made the pink jelly beans visible in the picture! The guests were very excited after seeing this and hence, they started calling out different baby girl names!

  • Erupting a blue or colored volcano!

Now, this is an interesting one! Make a volcano out of clay or anything suitable leaving a glass or plastic container/bottle in the middle! After painting the volcano, add two tbsp of baking soda in it and one of dish soap. Then add five to six drops of blue or pink food coloring as per the gender of your child. Your volcano is now ready! On your gender reveal day, after all the guests have arrived, place the volcano in the middle table and gather your guests around it! Finally, add vinegar (One ounce) in the bottle or the container. Your volcano will erupt and the bubbles coming out will be off your food color which you added previously! This volcano eruption is a unique idea so adopt it before it gets common!

  • Showing the ultrasound picture!

This couple was so excited that in their gender reveal, they revealed that they were expecting a baby boy by showing their ultrasound picture to their guests. How beautiful, right?

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  • Paints! Blue or pink?

The above-mentioned couple, after showing the ultrasound picture,  further carried on their party by a shower of blue paints and colors! All the guests were asked to wear simple white shirts or dresses to make the blue color more visible on their shirts!

  • A game of boiled eggs!

Now here you can boil eggs leaving one of them! After that, the eggs cool down, paint half of the eggs blue and half pink. If you’re expecting a baby girl, then paint the egg that isn’t boiled, pink. On the gender reveal, when all the guests have arrived, start breaking down the eggs on your partner’s head one by one! Ultimately, the egg that messes up his/her head is pink, you’re expecting a baby girl!

  • Cake with blue icing!

On your gender reveal day, you can order a cake with blue icing in the top to show the guests that you’re expecting a baby boy! This was done by a couple, who on the next day, sprayed blue paint on each other and clicked a picture posting it on social media, sharing their happiness to all their friends further who couldn’t meet them in the gender reveal!

You can try gifting your family members something that could reveal the gender in front of the guests. Here are some amazing ideas;

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  • Gift your older son/daughter a shirt.

If you’re expecting a second baby, still, you need to celebrate the gender reveal, it’s the biggest happiness for your older child as well. So, what you can do is when all the guests have arrived, gift your child a T-Shirt which should be printed showing, CAN’T WAIT FOR MY LITTLE BROTHER if you’re expecting a boy.

  • A customized candle!

If you’re having your mom or dad with you, gift them a customized candle on which it should be written, Hey, Grandma! Can’t wait to sleep on your lap,  Loads of love, your grandson!

  • A pillow!

Just like the candle, you can also gift a pillow saying,

Hey Grandpa, I can’t wait to listen to your beautiful stories and sleeping on this pillow with you! Love, your granddaughter!

  • Pink bubblegums!

This one can be implemented on a photoshoot when you can distribute pink-colored bubblegums to all the guests and click the picture while everyone is blowing it! Let’s see who blows the biggest gum!

So! Are you expecting a baby? Want to throw a gender reveal? Adopt these ideas and make your day a special one!

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