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10 Best Places to Find Free Halloween ClipArt

Halloween clipart can be use for many purposes whether you’re working on a Halloween project or preparing a printable Halloween card, For the party invitation. Halloween clip art can also be use for decoration.

Using these Halloween clip art images you can surely take your project to whole new level. there are plenty of sites where you can find Halloween clip art, these site contains images of witches, trick-or-treaters, graveyards and everything related to Halloween.

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Below you’ll find some of the site with best Halloween clip arts, Choose the one you like and make your project more stylish.

01. Free Halloween Clip Art from ClipartPanda.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 1

This website contain many high graphics Halloween clip art images that you can use on your project. The Halloween clip art image includes witches, pumpkins, trick-or-treat, cats, bats, owls and many more that’ll surely prove to be useful for your project.

To download click on the image you like, a new window will open with the image you selected in full resolution and download button on the right.

02. Free Halloween Clip Art from Clipart.info

Free Halloween Clip Art 2

In this site you’ll find every type of Halloween clip art image which can be use on your project.

You’ll find find clip art images of different category including ghosts, witches , zombies, pumpkins and many more, choose the one you need for your project and click on the image to download.

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03. Scary Halloween Clip Art from ClipartLibrary.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 3

ClipartLibrary.com has got all kind of scary Halloween clip art images including scary images of cat, ghosts, zombies, bat and many more.

To download click on the image you like a new window will open with the option to download or print.

04. Free Halloween Clip Art from FreeClipArtNow.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 4

FreeClipArtNow.com has some well organized categories of Halloween Clip art. Click on the category you like to put on your project

A new page will open with containing all the Clip arts related to that category. Click on the image you would like to download, It’ll take you to the new page then right click on the image and choose “save image as” option to save image.

05. Free Halloween Clip Art from ClassroomClipart.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 5

ClassroomClipart.com is one of the best clip art site. this website contains more than 56 pages of Halloween clip art images of different categories including witches, cats, ghosts, pumpkins and more.

To download click on the image you like, It’ll take you to new page with download button on right.

06. Free Halloween Clip Art from Webweaver.nu

Free Halloween Clip Art 6

Webweaver.nu has more than 50 Halloween clip art images with high quality graphic. The categories of Halloween clip art in this site are bears, trick-or-treat, owls, bats, and many more.

Once you double click the image it’ll zoom in the image with download button on the bottom, click download to save the image.

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07. Free Halloween Clip Art from LeeHansen.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 7

Lee Hansen Graphics has some good quality Halloween Clip art also known as Day of the dead graphics. These clip arts are scary and cute. It can be use for your project or can be use as an decoration.

08. Free Halloween Clip Art from Clker.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 8

If you’re looking for some adorable Halloween clip art visit Clker.com. This site contains some quality images of pumpkins, monster, ghosts, trick-and-treaters and many more.

09. Free Halloween Clip Art from TheGraphicsFairy.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 9

TheGraphicsFairy.com contains over 250 vintage and spooky Halloween clip art for your project. there are lots of category of Halloween clip art like vintage cats, halloween witches, halloween kids, Halloween Costumes and more, each category has different amount of clipart.

Decide the category you need for your project then click on the category, a new window will open with some clipart related to the category, then download the one you like.

10. Free Halloween Clip Art from HellasMultimedia.com

Free Halloween Clip Art 10

This site contains some of the bes Halloween clip art that are Organized in category such as; ghosts, bats, cats, owls, pumpkins, trick-and-treaters, witches, skull-and-skeletons and many more.

Look through the category you would love to use on your project and choose the image from that category, then right click on that image and choose “save image as” option to save image on your device.

These are all the sites we have gathered with some good quality Halloween Clip Arts to make it easier for you. If this article helped you then bookmark this site for more article like this.

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