Halloween Facts

Interesting Halloween Facts That Most People Don’t Know

Halloween, a very popular celebration that was started in the 18th century, is having it’s birth place in Ireland. You must have noticed that children and all the adults dress as witches and demons on this particular day and you you might have known the history behind it but here, we are going to inform you about some interesting facts regarding Halloween. So, are you guys ready? Hope, you enjoy the journey and develop your interest regarding this holiday!

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  • How did it began in US?

Halloween’s celebration actually started in the United States during the 18th and the 19th century brought up by the people of Ireland and some immigrants from Scotland.

  • Meaning of Witch?

This Word, “Witch” has a very different meaning. Are you interested? Let’s go! It is derived from an old English word known as Wicce that actually stands for wise woman. Majority of people celebrating Halloween believe that a group of witches held around 8 meetings in the night of Halloween and so obviously, it will be a scary night.

  • Celts belief on Samhain.

Celts believe that Samhain is the time when all the evil spirits can come in this world and harm the humans. Therefore, to make sure they’re safe, people dress like spirits so that the spirits and they look alike which will obviously prevent these spirits from harming them.

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  • Halloween symbols.

Halloween symbols include bats and spiders that all represent bad luck. All these symbols were not random but they have a very deep history and are connected with Halloween. When we talk about bats, we can relate a Samhain tradition of having bonfire. This actually makes the insect stay away from it and attract the bats to come near.

  • Parent’s fear that the candies distributed on Halloween can be poisonous.

Let’s talk in detail! An incident took place when a child died due to consuming heroine stash. Now, when the investigation took place, it was found that the heroine was in the child’s candy. Later on, the news spread that the child actually consumed his uncle’s heroine stash and to hide this, the family sprinkled some of it on the candy.

  • The full moon is seen on Halloween rarely.

Yes, this is true. Although we see in movies that witches are flying around the moon and there is always full moon in Halloween,  it does not happens every time the most shocking fact will be that the full moon on Halloween was last seen in the year 2001 and we are going to see the full moon on the coming Halloween in the year 2021.

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  • Is Halloween the most commercial holiday of the United States?

The answer is obviously yes! Americans spend more than 5.5 Billion dollars annually during Halloween for these scary costumes, chocolates, candies and many more things. Not only this, but around 2 billion dollars are spent in the candy industry of America every year.

  • Now the last one, is a fun fact and that is more than 90% of the parents take the candies away from their children to eat it!

So these were some amazing facts on Halloween which we consider are the best ones to include here!

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