How to Make Kinetic Sand

Have you ever come across the Oddly Satisfying videos on Snapchat and Instagram? You can see them cutting through Kinetic Sands of different colors, and doing unexplainable things to it. Now we know that you secretly enjoy watching those videos for a very long time, but do you know that making Kinetic Sand is a full-fledged business nowadays? What’s more, is that you can make Kinetic Sand even at home!

That’s right, you can not only make Kinetic sand at home but also create a living out of it as it is the latest hype these days. If you’re wondering what Kinetic Sand is, and How to make Kinetic Sand, read below.

What is Kinetic Sand, and What is so Special About it?

Kinetic sand is a form of sand that sticks and attracts the sand particles, the same way magnets are attracted and stick to each other. However, Kinetic Sand can cut through form clumps, and you can even cut through it. It is used in decoration pieces, art, and décor. Now, it is being used as a relaxation technique for youngsters all over the world who not only feel satisfied when they play with the Kinetic Sand but are also extremely relaxed.

Fun fact about Kinetic Sand: The kinetic sand is created in the same concept as of Oobleck. You can squeeze the Kinetic Sand and turn it into different shapes and sizes, but it doesn’t remain like it forever. Rather, it stays in that shape for some time and then becomes a stiff piece of chunk. This makes this sand very unique in its texture and a great way to use it in an art project or just as a way to decorate home.

Here’s How you can Make Kinetic Sand Easily:  (Kinetic Sand Recipe #1)

To make Kinetic Sand, you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Colored Play Sand (fine particles of sand)
  2. Dimethicone
  3. A pan
  4. A wooden mixing spoon

Use of each ingredient in Kinetic Sand:

  • Now that you have all the ingredients for the sand, thus begins the process of creating the Kinetic Sand at home. But first, let us explain the meaning and use of each ingredient and tell you where you can find each ingredient in the market. Colored Play Sand should be of very fine particles. This ensures that your sand particles are easily stuck to each other. Moreover, remember to buy colored play sand. This will save you the time and cost of dyes. If you still want to go ahead and create separate batches of dyed kinetic sand, you will have to buy the strongest dyes there are. We recommend that you wear gloves and a mask while operating and mixing the dye in the Play Sand to avoid any ambiguity later on.
  • Dimethicone (Polymethyl siloxane) is a polymer which is mainly used to reduce frizz and roughness in hair. This polymer allows your stick to be smoother and to reduce the amount of friction in them. You don’t need a lot of Dimethicone to make your Kinetic Sand. In fact, you only require 2% of it mixed with 98% of Fine Sand. You can easily find it from any chemical or cosmetics store. Make sure that you ask the store salesman for Dimethicone 500 as this is the best form of Dimethicone to make Kinetic Sand.
  • Pan and mixing spoon is required so you can mix the ingredients easily without getting your hands dirty or getting any reaction on your hands from a raw dimethicone. However, always make sure to wear an apron, a face mask and gloves to avoid getting your clothes dirty


Step 1: Dry out your sand in a pan or heat it for some time to make sure that it is fully dry.

Step 2: Mix 100 grams of sand with only 2 grams of Dimethicone 500. Note that we are using these measurements for a small batch, you can increase the ratio if you require.

Step 3: Mix it thoroughly

Step 4: Voila, your Kinetic Sand is ready! Store it in a sealed bag to avoid any moisture getting inside of it.

How to Make Kinetic Sand (Kinetic Sand Recipe #2)


  1. Plastic Bowl
  2. 6 cups cornstarch
  3. 6 cups of water
  4. 50 lb bag of play sand


Step 1: Mix Corn starch with water

Step 2: Mix in the sand to get a great consistency, you can also add in some dishwashing liquid in it to improve consistency.

Step 3: Let it dry. In case, its over-dries, you can always add water in it.

Step 4: There you go, you made a perfectly good Kinetic Sand at home. Now you can enjoy it or even create videos on Snapchat and Instagram with it.

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