January Birth Flower

January is the month of new beginning as it marks the start of a new year. January is the first month of a new calendar and it brings in a message of hope for the world. This month represents a hopeful beginning and everything that is better than the past with a message of a happy future.

January Birth Flower

The birth flower for January is Carnation or Snowdrop as both of these represents rebirth and a new beginning. When it comes to rebirth, it denotes the death of everything bad such as greed, arrogance, selfishness and rudeness and hints on replacing it with a new arrival of happiness, prosperity, love and admiration, growth and success.


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Carnations are the flowers that blossom in the cold winter months. The arrival of carnations are a proof that of the upcoming goodness and prosperity that is about to enter in our lives in the form of the cold winter months such as January. The carnations have one unique thing which is that they bloom when the weather is particularly freezing.

Since carnations represent new beginnings, you can use them as a gift for someone to wish them a new year as this will represent that you wish for their year to be started with success, love and prosperity and a rebirth of everything that is good. You can also use them to wish someone a new start on their friendship when they have had a rough patch with you over something since the Carnations are particularly known for the fact that they denote revival and reawakening.

Carnations denote love, but different colors carnations denote different meanings and we have all of them in detail for you.

The Snowdrop:

The Snowdrop

The Snowdrop is another January Birth Flower that denotes revival, hope and renewal. Revival and reawakening of your goals can come naturally to you when you are entering a new year of the Christian calendar. You start making up new goals and plans for the New Year to behave better and to kill all your previous bad habits which are not letting you succeed in life.  A new year or the month of January reminds you to reawaken and re-channelize your inner energy into creating more positive environs for others, and to focus more on creating more good things for the benefit of the world.

Meaning of January Birth Flower according to their Colors

White Carnations:

Pure white carnations denote innocence and pure love which constitutes the whole world in the remembrance of their beloved. It denotes the actual love that doesn’t believe in taking anything from their beloved— but just likes to give it their all without any greed.

Red Carnations:

Red carnations denote an admiration for someone. It denotes the fact that you have romantic feelings for someone that are still in the initial or growing stage. It also denotes the fact that someone has started to develop a feeling of romantic intimacy towards you

Maroon / Deep Red Carnations:

If you want to show your deep love and passion towards someone, you can do it by giving those maroon / deep red carnations as they denote deep affection and a die-hard love for someone that will never be taken away no matter what.

Pink Carnations

Pink carnations are the most beautiful carnations that can denote a mother’s solid, undying love for her offspring. These carnations are given to mothers as a token of appreciation for their love towards you. Pink carnations are also a perfect gift for new mothers

Yellow Carnations

Yellow colored carnations are not a good omen. They denote rejection disappointment in every area of life. Yellow Carnations are particularly disliked by people as they are not a good symbol.

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