New Year's Eve Party Ideas

New Year’s Party Ideas for Kids

New year eve is the only evening in which you guys gather together with your friends or throw a party at your home for your kids calling their friends and cousins at your place. You share your past year memories with each other, what mistakes you made and what you avoid in future. So, Are you excited for the new year’s eve? Or confused how to celebrate it with kids? If not decided yet, we have some amazing party ideas for your kids on this New Year’s eve. So let’s begin!

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The first thing is decoration. You cannot throw a party if the place isn’t fully decorated. Well, decorate your place with your favourite coloured ribbons and balloons. Fill the balloons with the petals of roses/ tidbits of coloured papers. So, when the balloon will  burst, the view will be really awesome. After decoration, cake is MUST! Cakes are cut on every special occasion, so why not in the New Year’s Eve. In the birthdays, a single person cuts the cake whereas in New year’s eve, you all shall hold the knife together and cut it! Enjoy this day with your full enthusiasm showing that you’re really excited for the following new year to come.

Make a proper countdown with goodie packs.

Well, take some goodie packs and label it with numbers. Then fill it with amazing gifts or some party stuff for your kids. You can add their favourite chocolates in them or you can add some party poppers and ribbons in it. On the new year’s eve, start a countdown and gift the goodie packs to your kids one by one after every hour.

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Resolution Game.

Parties without games are incomplete. There are many games you can play with your kids like board games or the card ones. But, if your home is full of kids, like your child’s friends and many other kids, then I have an excellent game idea for you. Give each child,  a paper and a pen. Tell them to write their resolutions on them. Well, they should hide from each other. Then fold their resolutions and gather them in a basket and pick out one each at the time. Ask them to write who could have made that resolution. The one who has more correct answers will be the winner. Then gift that child something special.

Different activities as per the balloon.

Well, write some small activities like baking a cake or playing a card game or playing musical chairs and many different activities on different pieces of papers and place that chit inside every balloon. Start your party and after every hour, tell a kid to burst one balloon and carry out the activity written on that chit. This will create a joyous feeling amongst the kids and grow the level of excitement.

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Hunt the things.

Well, this game is quite exciting. What you’ll have to do is hide different things in your house. Hide them where it will be difficult for them to find because  the more time it’ll take for the kids to find the things, the more competition and suspense will be there. Write the names of the things that need to be hunted on the black board. The one who finds the greater number of things, will be the winner.

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