Halloween Costume Ideas

Confused what to wear on Halloween this year? Don’t panic and no need to get confused! We are here with some amazing and wonderful Halloween costume ideas inspired by pop culture moments 2019. So you can totally dress yourself from Miley Cyrus dressed in black mirror to Ariana Grande dressed in the video, Thank you, next. Following are some characters, people might lookout for their costumes.

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Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by 2019 Pop Culture Moments

1. Character: Taylor Swift, Video; Me

Halloween Costumes Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in the video me was looking great in her yellow pastel suit with her pink tie that suited her the most. All the things are available at The tie bar.

2. Beyonce dressed in her American concert film

Halloween Costumes Beyonce

Beyonce was looking absolutely stunning in her album video, Homecoming with her lovely pink hoodie which is available at Shop.Beyonce.com in just $115. Then her Distressed Acid Wash Denim which is also available at Forever21 in just $25. Once you have finalized that you’re going to become Beyonce, this Halloween, how can you ignore her Funky Faux Fur Yeti Boot Sleeves which she wore along with her pullover hoodie and the denim; also available at Walmart in $22.75.

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3. A group of the family dressing up as Baby sharks.

Such a great song, right? If you are a great fan of the song, show the people how much you love it, by dressing like a group of baby sharks this Halloween. You can easily find the children and adult baby Shark costumes at amazon.com in between 30 to 60 dollars.

4. Dressing up as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just as they dressed in their nuptials.

Halloween Costumes Dressing up as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Harry were looking outstanding in their nuptials, 2018. We’re predicting that in this year’s Halloween, we’ll be seeing a new couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. If you wanna become this couple, we’re here to help you. Along with getting a baby doll from amazon.com, you can also get the double-breasted blazer which Meghan wore, (white colour) from Amazon as well and your husband, who will be becoming Prince Harry, can get his light grey suit in just around $65.5.

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5. Meryl Streep dressed in the big little lies.

Halloween Costumes Meryl Streep dressed in the big little lies.

Meryl’s open front Cardigan has captured all eyes. This long-lined light blue colored cardigan is available at the gap and her Gold eyeglasses are available at the EyeBuyDirect. So, enjoy this Halloween being Meryl Streep.

6. Dressing up as Janet from the series The Good Place.

If you are a great fan of The good place, you can show it to people by dressing up as Janet this Halloween. All you need, is a purple vest and a skirt which you can easily find it on Amazon. The chiffon blouse having a bow tie neck will be around $27 and the Purple skirt with pockets will be around $18 and the same price will be of the purple Vest. Pretty girls, go-ahead!

7. Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin.

Halloween Costumes Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin.

Many women this Halloween are planning to be princess Jasmine, so that they can twin it with their daughters. All you will be needing is a pink Jasmine costume either for women or children, then some earrings and a headband! These things are easily found in amazon. Enjoy the party being princesses!

8. Anna Delvey dressed in the court

Halloween Costumes Anna Delvey dressed in the court

Anna Delvey, who was caught and accused of stealing money from different banks and businesses recently made her entry in the court with a very fashionable and unique look. Rather than wearing brands like Alexander Wang and Celine, she usually wore, she was dressed in simple V neck pencil dress and a thin black choker. So, if you are dressing like Anna Delvey, don’t forget to wear black eyeglasses like She wore in the court.

9. Taylor Swift’s look in the lover.

Halloween Costumes Taylor Swift look in the lover

Taylor Swift came up with a very unique look in this album that has impressed many women, who are planning to dress like her this Halloween, wearing Pink glittery party dress, butterfly hair clips and dark pink lipstick; All you’ll find in Amazon, just don’t forget to buy hair and body glitters.

10. Dressing up as The Monster as you have seen in The Masked Singer.

Halloween Costumes Dressing up as The Monster as you have seen in The Masked Singer

Dressing Like The Monster is the simple thing you can ever do. Just by a monster onesie, a pair of Giant Googly Eyes from the Amazon or anywhere you can find it, just attach a single eye on the your chest then and buy a headband with horns, which you can wear to make it more perfect and don’t forget to make the gap between the teeth, just like the monster. Moreover, if you want to make it more lively then take a microphone with you too!

So, these were some amazing characters which you can take up the role of, this Halloween 2019. Hope you had fun reading these Halloween costume ideas and come up with something unique. Have a good Halloween!

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