What is September birth flower?

To give a short introduction, basically every month has a specific flower and that flower represents the characteristics of the person born in the certain month. For example if you are born in January, then the birth flower of January is Carnation which actually represents charm because it is a very charming flower so whoever is born in January is characterized to be a charming person. Now, similarly every month has a birth flower and that tells us the quality of a person born in the specific month. If you are born in September or you are looking for the birth flower of September, then here is the best place you can know all about it.

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What is The Birth Flower For September?

September’s birth flower is Aster that is usually found in Europe and North America and some Asian Parts of the world. Other than that, they mainly bloom in summers and the most interesting fact about Asters is that they come in many colours like red, white, purple, blue etc. Not only this, Asters don’t need to get replanted again and again and this is the major reason why gardeners prefer it than other flowers. Well, they have a height of almost 6 to 11 inches.

More about Asters:

Asters can tolerate and survive in places where they are longer time periods without rain but yes they need a lot of water to grow. They grow in places where the soil is well irrigated to ensure that there’s not too much water in the soil, neither too less. Moreover, in order to plant it, the gardener should make sure that it is planted equally spaced because these Asters grow wider year by year. Hence, when they grow too much, they start competing for light and water with each other and disturbs the neighbouring plants. In addition to it, Asters face several attacks from bees and other insects because of their colour. Not only this, but they’re the favourite colour of butterflies too. They bloom in the season when the butterflies migrate and hence, these butterflies stop on them.

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Colours of Asters and what does it symbolise?

Asters basically represent a sign of courage and faith. Majority of people prefer purple coloured Asters because they symbolise faith and royalty or something very special. Hence,if you think that someone is very special to you and very royal, give them a bouquet of purple Asters to make them feel that they’re very important to you.

White coloured Asters represent honesty and perfection. It’s a sign of purity or a new beginning. Hence, if someone is starting a new business or getting engaged or is just being married, these White Asters will encourage them and show that it’s a beginning of your life. Give a fresh start.

History of Aster:

Asters got it’s name by the ancient greeks meaning A star. Secondly, there is also a myth in which there was a Greek God, Virgo who was saddened due to the lack of stars in the sky. In this sadness, she began to cry. When she looked down, the tears that were falling in the ground untimely grew into these flowers. So, they were known Asters.

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How to find your birth flower?

There are many ways to find your birth flower! Either you can Google it or you can buy a book that all the birth flowers along with what it does it represents and the signs.

Have a great day!

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