Things to Do When You're Bored

Bored? Make the most out of your time by being creative in the most fun way possible!

We get it, you’re here because you’re incredibly bored and there’s nothing more you’d rather want in life than to find something— just something to get your mind off the fact that you are wasting time doing nothing. Let us help you get the most out of your time off be it from school or work.

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. From 5-minute games to long-term activities, we have got it all.

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Fun and Creative Things to Do When You’re Bored

1) Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Visit a new café: No matter if your city is small or huge, the café business is boosting with new additions. Quickly search up a new café that has been opened in your home town and give it a visit. It’s always a great idea to take a friend, and if you want to spend some time with yourself— why not take a good book to accompany you? Not only would it give out a great vibe, but the pictures would also look great on your Instagram. Go out and have some fun!

Explore the lesser-seen attractions: Your city might have some lesser-known attractions that you may have never visited. Give them a try and go out to take new photographs, or to have some new adventurous stories to tell your friends or co-workers later on

Volunteer for a great cause: If you want to make something out of an ordinary day, volunteer for a soup kitchen or an orphanage. You’ll get a good experience and feel better about your life. What’s more, is that you’ll also get new friends who want to make a change in the world just like you. Only by volunteering for a few hours, you may end up making the day of so many people who don’t have the support or money to provide for themselves.

Take a ride on your bike within your neighborhood: Remember that bike that you left to rot in your garage? Dust it up and take it out for a ride around the neighborhood. This way, you’ll use up your leg muscles and get to meet your neighbors who will be enticed to see you happy, chirpy, and trying something new for once.

Visit a library: How much time has it passed when you last visited a library? Use up your free time to replenish your soul and your mind and give yourself some quiet time that would possibly energize your mind.

Go out for movies: One of the best things about the world of today is that you don’t need someone to do things that you want to do. Going out alone for movies may seem a little nerve-wracking, but once you do it— you’ll never feel the need to find someone to go out movies for. You’ll realize how calming it is to not have someone to share your popcorn with and not having someone who continuously nags you with unnecessary questions about the movie. It’s all you and your popcorn!

2) Self-care Activities

Self-care Activities

Get your hair done: There’s nothing better than trying out something new with your hair when you’re bored out of your mind. The best way to utilize your free hours is to bring a change in your overall appearance. Go out or get your hair done— or do it yourself by watching helping tutorials from Youtube.

Take a warm bubble bath: Drop that bath bomb in your water tub and fill in a glass of champagne— because it is officially your day off. Gift yourself a few hours of calm and quiet. You deserve it.

Apply a new face mask: Remember that time when you were working long hours and had a glimpse of your face and wondered when you’ll get the time to do something about the dullness? The time is here. Apply a new homemade mask that might help you with it.

Paint your nails: Chipped nail polish— or no nail polish at all, both are equally boring. Nail paints are not only a creative way to pass time but also is useful when you have to meet people. Painted nails make you seem more appropriate and like you have got your life completely figured out.

Try out Karaoke Singing: You don’t need to go out for Karaoke night. You can simply install an app from your play store and try out Karaoke singing to reduce stress and laugh your heart out when you hear the music.

3) Organizing Activities

Organizing Activities

Clean Your Closet: That closet of yours— it needs to be cleaned and you know it. Take out the clothes that you don’t need and add it to a pile of clothes that need to be donated to goodwill. There might be someone who would actually need the clothes and might wear it. Be it shoes, clothes, or accessories, take out anything that you haven’t worn over 5 years.

Clean your makeup brushes: Your makeup brushes need to be cleaned. every time you are about to do your makeup, you realize how dirty and full of filth they are and you promise to yourself that you’re going to clean them next time you get some free time. The free time is here, so use it wisely to avoid any breakouts in future

Wash and sanitize the kitchen: Your kitchen needs to be cleaned to the core since you cook food there. Dirt and germs can stick to the food and become the cause of diseases later on. Since you’ve got the time, why not wash the kitchen and sanitize it

4) Soul-relishing Activities

Soul-relishing Activities

Figure out your life goals: Create a list of goals and plans for your future. Create a list of things that you want to accomplish in life and things you want to avoid in the future. Stick up the list on your fridge to remind yourself of what you need to do to achieve your goals

Meditate in Silence: Play a calming sound such as a piano or violin in the background and meditate your heart out. Sit in silence, close your eyes, and breathe naturally with the sound of background music.

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