When is Easter And Easter History

When is Easter in 2020 And Easter History

For many, Easter is a new term. Infact, it was a new term for me too until I researched on it.

So, to start with, the date of Easter is change each year.

Easter is a holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after his death. By hearing about Jesus, we can say that it’s a holiday for Christians. People celebrate this day to express their love for Jesus. After all, they hold them with a lot of respect. He was a religious teacher and the one on whom Bible was revealed. So, to show that they are filled with joy that Jesus is not dead and he will come on the earth again, they celebrate this day.

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Now, you may be confused that how did it began and how do we know when is Easter? No need to worry, you’ll get all your questions answered.

First of all, this name Easter was originated from an ancient goddess of pagans called Eastre or we can say Eostre.

At that time, the first Christians had ministry over the Teutonic tribes who actually worshipped this goddess of spring, Eastre.

Now, the early Christian missionaries who were converting the locals into Christianity noticed that the pagans celebrating the Eastre’s festival, fell at the same day when they commemorated about Jesus’s Resurrection. As a result, they decided to keep a single holiday for both, and the early converts used to celebrate the day same as before but just the reason of celebration changed, which was not a big issue for them.

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When to celebrate Easter

There was still a confusion at that time and that was, “When to celebrate it”

Some people used to celebrate it according to the old Hebrew calendar whereas others followed  according to the date of the spring equinox. When the confusions arrived more and more and the people started getting misguided, An Emperor Constantine met with some leaders of the church in the year 325 A.D, it was therefore decided that Easter will fall after the spring equinox when the first full moon will be seen. After that, Easter will take place on Sunday.

Following this law, we can say that Easter in 2020 will fall on 12 April, 2020.

As discussed about the goddess Eastre before, her ancient symbol was rabbits. At that time, sending and receiving eggs was also a kind of tradition that symbolises rebirth. So, the people continued their tradition of giving eggs. Hence, Easter without Easter Bunny or Easter eggs is not completed.

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Whether people give eggs to each other or not, Christians celebrate this day with full joy and happiness. They are full of enthusiasm because they know that their leader, Jesus is not dead, he was meant to be dead but luckily, he will come again on this Earth, he will resurrect! He will again guide them! This was all about their day!

Hopefully, you all are now clear about this day and had fun reading this article.

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