When is Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated around the world as a day to appreciate and show love and affection to your beloved friends. It is a perfect opportunity to let your friends know about their importance in your life and celebrate the fondness and warmth that comes with their friendship.

Friendship Day Dates

There are different dates to celebrate it, however, in the United States of America, friendship day will be celebrated on 2nd August 2020, Sunday. In other parts of the world such as Europe and Asia, it will be observed wholeheartedly on 8th April 2020.  Argentina and Brazil will be celebrating this day on 20th July 2020 respectively.

It is important to have a day dedicated to your friends to make them feel loved. Celebrating it helps to improve and strengthen the bond between two or more friends.

Friendship Day History

It was created by Hallmark as a marketing effort to sell more cards. This marketing tactic became widely popular and was followed by other brands to sell more. Companies came up with customized packaging to commemorate Friendship day and increase their profits. In the end, people realized that it is a gimmick to sell more inventory. The holiday lost its true authenticity and almost died. But the tradition of celebrating Friendship Day came back again in Asia where many people saw it as an opportunity to increase their social outstanding and spread love one way or another. Companies started manufacturing customized items for friendship day again.

However, it was widely successful the second time as people found it extremely heartening to celebrate their beautiful friendships and exchange gifts at an event other than birthdays. Many people still celebrate it by exchanging gifts, cards, flowers, or chocolates on Friendship Day to show appreciation for their friends.

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Traditions and Celebrations

This event is particularly famous in teens and adolescents. Best friends tie wrist bands around each other’s wrists to promise eternal loyalty, genuine sincerity, and jovial friendship to each other.  Many television programs arrange TV shows based on Friendship and media organizations post articles about it. Governments arrange activities to endorse Friendship Day to promote peace and harmony in their countries.

Social organizations arrange parties in an effort to increase the celebration and festivity. It is not a public holiday anywhere on Friendship Day, but people still go out and party like it is a festival. In many parts of the world, it is considered extremely rude to forget to give a gift on this particular day.

Friends who are far away from each other send messages of compassion and benevolence to each other and let each other know that even if they are far apart, they are still in each other’s hearts. Many doting friends organize surprises for their friends to maintain a cordial relationship with them. Friends who are not on good terms with each other find an easy way to harmonize their relation by wishing each other love, happiness, and togetherness on Friendship Day.

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