When is Halloween and Halloween History

When is Halloween in 2019 and Halloween History

In Halloween, children and adults, everyone gets busy in disguising themselves and buying sweets. So first of all, the question that comes in our mind is, why do we celebrate Halloween? And what’s the reason behind dressing like ghosts on this day? Hopefully, this article will bring a lot of benefit to you and surely, you guys will be clearing all your confusions and queries while reading this article.

The most shocking fact is that people living worldwide, specially the Americans spend a large amount of money in the celebration of this commercial Holiday; It’s calculated that Americans, all together spend more than $4 Billion on this day. So, what is so special on this day?

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What’s the hidden reason behind this popularity?

Although Bible has no reference of Halloween in it but still many Christians celebrate it will full enthusiasm and zeal. Whenever we think of Halloween, the first thing that comes in our mind is death, ghosts, candies and pumpkins, right?

Halloween is actually derived from the word, “Hollow’s Eve” which means the evening before the All Hollow’s day or we can say, The All Saint’s day, that is celebrated on no other day but First of November. So logically, Halloween must fall on the evening of 31 October.

Following this, in 2019, Halloween will take place on fifth Thursday of October and in 2020, it will take place on Saturday.

How did Halloween started being celebrated?

There are two thoughts on how Halloween gained popularity and a brief introduction on its history.

To be more precise, it is being celebrated since 1900 years.

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Basically on 1st November, there was the new year Celtic Celebration known as Samhain. This day was considered as the biggest occasion by the Celts who believed that on this day, the souls of dead used to mingle around. Born fires were an essential part of the celebration.

Soon, a lot of people started accepting Christianity since many Christian missionaries started living in this area. Hence, this holiday started losing its fame but it was not long before when the churches added Christianity twist on this holiday calling it Halloween so that Christianity and Paganism gets closer.

As discussed before that the Celts believed souls used to roam around this day annoying humans. These souls include some evil spirits like demon and witches as well and it was considered as their season. Therefore, these evil spirits used to mingle around disturbing and harming humans in every possible way. Hence, the only way out was to give these spirits delicious sweets and food so that they take it and leave us without harming. This is the reason why we think about candies and fruits while remembering Halloween. As far as dressing like ghosts is considered, it’s quite simple that if we disguise ourselves like them, they’ll think that we’re one of them like witches or demons and so, they won’t bother to disturb us.

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It is not only celebrated by Christians but all other people following different religions celebrate it just for fun!

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