When is Mothers day

When is Mothers day?

Mother’s day, a day that is celebrated in more than 55 countries worldwide, is to honour the sacrifices of all the mothers! A day that is celebrated to make them feel special! To make the mothers’ realise that we really appreciate them, for their unconditional love for us! So, here we will be sharing some interesting stuff concerned with mother’s day and when is it celebrated? So let’s keep on reading!

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When is Mother’s day celebrated?

Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In the United States, Mother’s day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of May. Therefore, in 2020, it will fall on Sunday, 10 May. This date is followed by many countries like Australia, Switzerland, Belgium and many more (Around 46 countries)

Now, moving on, other dates of the mother’s day include

  • 11 October in Argentina
  • 12 August in Thailand

History of mother’s day.

Mother’s day was actually introduced in the year 1908 by Anna Jarvis, whereas it was made an official holiday in the year, 1914, In US. the Mother’s day was basically introduced in the year 1872 by a lady named Julia Ward Howe, in the United States, she kept annual meetings for mother’s day in Boston, calling for peace on that day.

However, the mother’s day gained an official recognition due to a school teacher of Philadelphia, Miss Anna’s Mother, Mrs. Ann Jarvis started Mother’s Friendship Day for the healing process and to join all the mothers. Basically, Mrs Ann wanted to honour all the mothers whether living or dead because of the war. She and her supporters wrote letters and petitions to the governors and ministers asking them to celebrate an official holiday called the Mother’s Day. After Mrs. Ann’s death, Anna followed her work. Therefore the first mother’s day was celebrated in a church by Anna M. Jarvis on the second anniversary of her mother.

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Development of mother’s day.

Anna was encouraged to see her success on the first Mother’s Day. Hence, she wrote a letter to the American government saying that all the American holidays are based on male achievements. Therefore, there should be an official holiday for females as well and it should be to honour all the mothers and to appreciate there sacrifices that they made for their children. Anna’s hard work paid off when in the year  1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure to observe an official holiday to celebrate the Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month of May.

Celebrations of Mother’s day.

Since mother’s day is an official holiday and mothers are someone whom we hold with a lot of respect, someone who loves us unconditionally without caring about herself, someone who remains awake for us whole night if we get ill, then how can we not celebrate a day in order to honour that person? People from all over the world celebrate this day enthusiastically with their mothers. They go for lunches, brunches and dinners. Many daughters bake cake for the mothers and many sons spend the whole day with their mothers specially those who don’t get time on normal weekdays because of workload. If the children are away from their mothers, then they call their mothers and talk for hours and hours. The most shocking fact is this that, many more calls are made on this day than any other day. We gift chocolates and sweets to our mother to show that we really honour them and we are really happy that we are gifted with mothers by God. We celebrate this day to show that we are really thankful to God as he has blessed us with such a great blessing, A mother!

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So, make sure, you spend more and more time with your mothers as long as they are in your lives. Take care!

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