5 Things You May Not Know About Birthday Celebration

Your birthday; the day when you finally came into the world, the day when the moon smiled and the stars started to shine brighter, how can you not celebrate it?

Therefore, celebrating birthdays is common in today’s era but there are some people who think that all the celebration is just a waste of time and money. How? The answer to it is quite surprising.

People say that they are too busy to spend one day for preparation of the day, the other one to celebrate and the third one to post pictures. Secondly, it’s the fear that actually stops them from celebrating. The fear that ” One more year has passed and you’re just to die.”

5 Things You May Not Know About Birthday Celebration

However, there are others who even celebrate birthday weeks. Below are the 5 things you may not know about the birthday celebration.

1. Cakes

Birthdays are incomplete without the cakes and so the most interesting news is that these cakes were not made before the Industrial revolution because the ingredients were very expensive and as the ingredients became cheap, cakes were cut on special occasions.

A more surprising fact is that the first birthday cake was made in Germany. Later on, it was so preferred that the decorations and icing on the cake were also introduced in the 17 century.

2. The Tradition of Placing Candles

Since the shape of the cakes in the olden days was only round, it was seen as a moon. Hence, adding candles to them would be a source of light. So, people started placing one candle on the cake each year.

3. Egyptian Pharaohs Celebrating their Birthdays

Many Egyptian Pharaohs used to celebrate their birthday but not on the day when they were born, then when? They used to celebrate on the day when they were crowned because at that time coronation means that they were declared god so they thought it as the day when they were born again.

4. How were the Invitations Given Previously?

Nowadays, invitations are sent on beautiful birthday cards decorated with colorful ribbons and glitter but the most interesting fact is that the first birthday invitation was sent by a Roman Commander and to be more precise it was not sent on a paper since the paper was not invented. Therefore, it was written on a Roman Slab, dated 100 A.D.

The song that is sung on every birthday was actually different before. Instead of “Happy Birthday to you”, it was “Good Morning to you” and the children used to sing it every day.

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5. What is a Golden Birthday?

In some places, people also love to celebrate a golden birthday. It actually takes place when your current age and the date when you were born is the same. So, according to this, I celebrated my golden birthday when I was 14.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and have developed your interest in celebrating birthdays.

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