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Birthday Celebrations; 5 Fun And Unique Ways To Celebrate Birthdays

Birthday is a very special day for everyone, the day you came on this earth. Most of the people celebrate their birthdays by throwing big parties and cutting their favourite cakes, but for how long can you continue throwing parties?  There are at times, circumstances, when you can’t have a birthday party or you get bored cutting cakes.

So here we are! With 5 fun and unique ideas on how to celebrate birthdays! I hope you guys will like it and will probably try it in the following birthday!

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  1. Decorate the house with balloons and let the birthday person choose the dinner menu himself/ herself.

When it comes to decoration, balloons come first in our mind. So go and blow colourful balloons and fill it with ribbons. As soon as you’ll burst it, the ribbons will come out of the balloons and it will look very beautiful, just like party poppers! If it’s your child’s birthday, let him take the lead in setting the menu. Birthday comes once in the year; so give your child the chance to fulfil all his wishes! Cook what delights him.

  1. Make a countdown of your child’s birthday starting from 10 days.

Go to the gift shop and buy small 10 gifts for your child. Just make 10 charts, labelled 10 days left, 9 days left and so on. Place each chart  on your wall each day. Give your child a gift on every countdown till ten days. This will make him realise that he’s very special for everyone. Not just for your child, but you can do it for your friends as well.

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Other than that, you can give him the number of gifts that is equal to his birthday age. For example, if he will be getting 15 years old, you can gift him 15 small and cute gifts. This is a very unique idea! I hope you’ll try it for your best friend or your loved ones.

  1. Take a holiday for yourself.

Your birthday is the only day that make you feel special, you feel that everyone is happy with you and that’s the reason they celebrate it for you! If you’re an adult and you go to work, then just take a day off for yourself! Enjoy with your family! It’s YOUR DAY!

  1. Go and do something that makes you feel relaxed.

The sea water is so peaceful that you feel relaxed going there. You’re busy throughout the year after your work and different things. You don’t get time for yourself. Hence, go to the beach with your family and friends. If it’s not a good season going to the beach, take a day out from your busy life and relax. Go for spa! Do something that will make you feel good! Bake a cake yourself! Decorate it by yourself with your favourite toppings.

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  1. Write a note to yourself.

Write a letter to yourself in which you can mention where you think you will be after four to five years. What habits do you want to see in yourself! What do you think you’ll become after 5 years. What were you before and how have you changed till then? So, it will be your personal letter for yourself. Write the date on it and hide it somewhere. Write your thoughts on how you want your future to be. Hopefully, it will be more or less the same. Keep on adding every year!

Have a good day!

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