What to Write in a Wedding Card

Imagine this: Your childhood best friend is getting married. You remember all the beautiful memories starting from going to school together; to making sure she was okay when a bully in her class made her cry. You are reminiscing about the good times you have had together. You want everything to be perfect— at least from your side so your friend is happy and feels lucky to have you. Not only that, but you also want to make sure that she knows how TRULY HAPPY you are for her.

But here’s the problem, you have no clue what to write on her wedding card.

The pressure of making sure that everything is perfect is making you feel crazy, but don’t worry. Let us help you figure out what to write in a wedding card. Be it your friend, neighbor, long-lost lover, or any relative, we have got something for everyone!

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Formal Wedding Message and Wishes

For people such as your colleagues, neighbor, or extended family member, it is always best to go with a formal wedding message or wishes. You would want to make sure that the message is extremely beautiful— but doesn’t contain anything that would make the other person feel embarrassed or awkward in any case.

But this doesn’t mean that you end up writing just ‘Congratulations’. Here’s a list of things you can write instead

  • May your love grow as the days pass and you never have to feel the scarcity of love in your life, I wish you nothing but the best in your life
  • Your love is like a flower, I wish that it keeps blossoming and never is there a day in your life where you have to feel the thorns.
  • I wish that you guys grow old together, and create a family that is as loving and caring as you are.
  • May all the years ahead, with your life partner, be filled with love, laughter, and many joyous occasions
  • Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness and everything that makes your heart flutter
  • I wish that you enjoy this journey of love to the serendipity
  • May you grow old with love, laughter, and joy in your life. Many congratulations and hope you have a happy married life ahead.
  • The journey to life is long, but for you— it’s going to be lovely— thanks to your loving partner. I wish that you stay happy and in love, forever
  • Thank you for letting me a part of this wonderfully joyous occasion. On this special day, I pray that you get all and everything that your heart desires. May today be the start of a wonderful life for you
  • Wishing you love, happiness, and everything romantic on your journey to love as you begin your new life with your love.
  • May the love and happiness in your life makes you feel more full than the fruit in your kitchen, and may your love grow to the heights of Nevada.

Casual Wishes to write on a wedding card:

  • Best wishes, hope you have a great life ahead
  • Congratulations! And best wishes to both of you
  • Congratulations on your wedding, thanks for letting me a part of it.
  • Lots of love and wishes your way. Happy Wedding!
  • Love you lots, like cherry tots—Congratulations and have a very happy married life ahead
  • Hugs & Kisses for the bride and the groom
  • Wishing you a long, happy and romantic marriage
  • Celebrate your special day, Congratulations
  • May you both have a great life together.
  • Lots of love your way.

Funny Wedding Wishes for Friends

Sometimes, casual wishes are just not good enough for close friends. You want to write something that makes them remember that you love them and have had good times together. But also, that you are really enjoying being a part of their wedding.

  • Thanks for the free food at your wedding, congratulations!
  • May you love each other more than you both love to [add something they really love to do]
  • Congratulations! My advice after successful years of being with my partner? The Mrs. is always right!
  • I will never forgive you for making me cry like a baby. Congratulations!
  • Your love gives me hope— there REALLY is someone for EVERYONE.A
  • Congratulations on getting the government involved in your love, try escaping each other now! Kidding, Have a happy married life ahead.
  • Thanks for a night of fun and laughter.
  • Congratulations! Tip for the bride [insert tip for bride here], Tip for the Groom [insert tip for groom here]

Remember, you can spice it up and add as much content as you want. But make sure that you don’t make the bride or the groom uncomfortable.

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