When is Father's Day

When is Father’s Day and Father’s Day History

Fathers Day- a day celebrated to honour the sacrifices and struggles that our fathers go through, for our well being and happiness. Fathers play a very significant role in their children’s personalities, social skills and confidence. When a father is kind and compassionate towards his child, it instils in him a sense of confidence and well-being. A father, being someone who wakes up everyday to put food in his child’s stomach, a roof over his head, and clothes to protect him from the changing weather, deserves a great amount of credit for putting all his energy into bringing someone up.

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Father’s Day History

As far as the history of Father’s Day goes, it started when Sonora Smart Dodd held a celebration in honour of her father, a civil war veteran who raised six kids as a single parent. Hence the day commemorates fatherhood, the love of a child towards their parent and utter happiness of having a parent in one’s life.

When is Father’s Day in 2020?

Father’s Day usually falls on the third Sunday of every June. In 2020, Father’s Day will be on Sunday, 21 June. It’s a day when you should treat your fathers out, do something they like and make their day special. it could be anything from a tea party to skydiving or bungee jumping. You could buy him his favourite cologne or a watch that he has had eyes for. It’s all about showing gratitude to all the things he has ever done for you, and making him feel like he deserves a day to himself. Some people tend to arrange very large parties for this specific day but sadly I would like to add that most of them do this just to maintain their status in society.

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It’s necessary that we should thank our fathers daily somehow in order to make them feel how much respect and love we have for them and for their every tiny effort which they make for the sake of our happiness. Father’s day is a day which is meant to be celebrated by ones heart, we all know that fathers are the kings and they have a very pure nature so even our tiny effort especially on father’s day can make their day very special but it should be done by our heart, only to see our fathers smile genuinely not to show our wealth to others.

Celebrating Father’s Day

Now if I would talk about different types of people celebrating father’s day, it goes like, some have the opportunity that they live at home with their parents and see their father everyday, some are away from home living in hostels or in some other city or country and there are those too whose fathers are no more with them, they have left this world. All the types of people I have mentioned, they have their own way of celebrating Father’s Day. It’s another level of excitement for those to celebrate this day who live with their fathers and same is the case who are far away. Then comes the ones whose fathers have left this world, they can make a special prayer for them on this day and can Cherish all those priceless moments spent with their fathers.

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In the end I just want to say Fathers are a great blessing and may we all get a chance to celebrate many Father’s Day with them, to celebrate the intimacy of a father and child’s bond.

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