How to Play Washers and Washer Toss Rules
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Washer Toss AKA Washer Pitching, Washers, Huachas, or Washoes, this incredibly fun and interactive game is gaining huge popularity today. For those who have played the game of horseshoes or cornhole, this game will make a lot more sense as it is essentially similar to the way it’s played and scoring rules. You may have this game played at backyard or tailgate parties but you probably don’t have a clue how it’s done. Stick with me as we uncloud the mystery that is the Washers Toss.

Did you know that the Washer Toss can be traced back to the early civilizations?

However, some believe that it originated from the early Americans who used the washers from wagon wheels. It is believed that oil field workers in Texas overcome boredom and tossed around washers from the oil derricks as a fun activity. Fortunately, you don’t have to go looking for parts of oil derricks or wagon wheels to play this game today. It is much easier to play Washer Toss these days with the help of a few basic pieces of equipment.

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Things You Need To Have To Play Washers

Washer: The main equipment you need to play this game is a piece of metal or plastic hardware-The Washers. Typically, these are thin, disk-shaped plates with holes in the center. They are generally two-and-a-half-inches in diameter with a 1-inch hole but this can vary. In general, you play with 4 washers per team but some gamers use 3 washers per team as well. So you get a total of 6 to 8 washers in one game.

Washer Pit: This is a wooden, plastic, or cardboard box that consists of one recessed cup that is about 4 inches wide. One game has two pits that are set around 25 feet apart from each other.

Washer Target: A game can have several different types of targets. A washer board and a washer box are most commonly used as targets. A washer board is an angled board with varying dimensions. It is a hole cut right in the center. On the other hand, a washer box is a wooden box with the top open. It consists of a 4 inches cylinder cup target right in the middle.

Terminologies You Should Know in Washer Toss Game

Cupper: This term is used for when a team player throws the washer inside a cup.

Skunk: A skunk is a turn in the game when one player or team manages to score 11 points whereas the opposite team or player has managed to score none.

Round: This terminology is used when all the washers have been tossed and the points are awarded respectively.

On The Fly: This term is used when a washer directly lands in the center of the cup but hasn’t struck anything in its way.

Hammer: This word indicated that a toss has been made when the washer covers another previous player’s washer already in the cup.

Hanger: This is when a player manages to throw the washer on the cup’s lip rather than inside the cup itself.

Washer Toss Rules

Rule#1 The game can be played in singles or a doubles event.

Rule#2 In the game field of Washers Toss, there are two washer pits and each consists of one recessed cup that is around 4 inches wide.

Rlue#3 The cups are placed 25 feet away from the players.

Rule#4 You are only allowed to throw three washers per player towards the opposite cup.

Rlue#5 Players cannot step directly in front of the Washer board or the Washer Box.

Rule#6 Only one player is allowed to score per each round and the scores are decided by point for point canceling. So if one player manages to throw one washer in the opposite cup but doesn’t score with the other two washes while the opponent player throws three washers in the box instead of the cup, there is NO point.

Rule#7 If a player manages to throw a washer inside the cup, he scores 3 points.

Rule#8 If a player manages to throw the washer on the edge or lip of the cup, he scores 1 point.

Rlue#9 If player #1 throws the manager inside the gup and the opponent player also does the same, their scores will cancel each other out. If player#1 throws two washers inside the cup while the opponent player throws one only, then player#1 will get 3 points.

Rlue#10 The last team that manages to score gets ‘’Honours’’. They get to throw the three washers first, followed by their opponent team.

Rule#11 If one player or team scores 11 points while the opponent team scores none, the team with zero points is disqualified.

Ending Thoughts

Like any other backyard games, washer Toss is an incredibly fun and engaging game for the youngsters. Although washers toss game rules might seem complicated, once you get the hang of it, this is the only game you will play at your next outdoor party.

So this is how you play the Washer Toss. Now, What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and have the time of your lives playing Washers Toss. Stay connected for more articles. Good Luck!

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