When is Memorial Day

When is Memorial Day in 2021

Memorial Day is a special day dedicated to the people who have lost their precious lives while serving the National Defense of the USA. It is a tradition for the family of martyrs to celebrate this day with love and honor their loved ones who gave up their lives for their army.  Family members get up early in the morning and visit cemeteries. They also arrange memorial ceremonies on Memorial Day to revel the sacrifice of their loved ones.

Memorial Day is going to be on 31st May 2021. Since it is a public holiday, all malls, schools, and offices are completely closed for the general public. Many people voluntarily place flags near the national cemeteries as a show of great honor and respect to the army who lays their lives at the line of duty for our security and well-being.

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What do people wear?

People usually wear white clothing to denote peace and harmony. Wearing white is considered as a silent prayer for the safety of other men and women serving in the national defense of the USA. Some people also wear a small flag on their chest as a remembrance of the love, affection, and patriotism they have for their country.

How did Memorial Day originally start?

Memorial Day facts & history

Memorial Day originally started as a day to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War. It was originally known as Decoration Day. It was not until the 1970s when the name changed to Memorial Day, denoting the fact that the event was mainly organized to reminisce in the memories of people who lost their lives in any kind of military action such as war or a terror attack. It was considered a way to show appreciation for the National Defense of USA

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Traditions on Memorial Day

There are many traditions that people have adopted over the years to honor the martyrs. Some people arrange a ceremony and invite the loved ones of the martyrs. Candles are lit and placed in front of their pictures as a show. This symbolizes the light and goodwill these soldiers are bringing into this world through their hardcore courage, bravery and immense sacrifice.

The government organizes rallies and air show to pay tribute to these heroes of the nation and to inform the world that nobody has forgotten the loss and trauma of the wars.

Since Memorial Day is always on a Monday, it becomes a long weekend for people. Many people organize family picnics and short trips to nearby lakes and towers. Family gatherings are also held. People travel to other states to visit their families and friends. Cultural events such as art gallery openings are started right after the Memorial Day as a blissful reminder of the arrival of Summer.

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General life orders on the Memorial Day

All the offices, businesses, and shopping centers are closed since Memorial day is considered a Federal Holiday. There are more rush and traffic on the roads and flights are usually overbooked due to the arrival of a long weekend for the citizens.

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