5 Anniversary gift ideas for him

Anniversary Gift Ideas That Are Completely heart melting

Is it your anniversary tomorrow? Are you confused what to gift your husband/ BAE? Well, here’s an interesting article for you! The best 5 ways how to make him surprised or win his heart again on your anniversary. We hope you will prefer our ideas and are going to adopt it for your following anniversary!

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  1. Try to bake a cake yourself.

Well, first of all men don’t like clothes or roses so we’ll not talk about it as it’s totally useless. However, every men like sweet dishes and cakes. Therefore, why should not try a cake? Well, cakes are cut on most of special occasions, so it is common, but you can do something unique with it. Firstly, you can bake a cake yourself! When you will try to bake it for him, it will make him realise that you love him a lot! Even if that cake or Brownie, whatever you are baking, is not that much delicious than the ready made baked item, still he will love it seeing your hardwork and the time you spent on it. For some reason or the other, if you cannot bake it, you can order the cake and ask them to decorate it, writing the name of the place, where you guys first met with his favourite flavour cream; your memories will get life!

  1. Take a one day holiday from work:

Secondly, if you’re a working woman and cannot give time to your BAE, take a day off from your work and spend the whole day with him! Take him to his favourite restaurant and let him choose the menu himself! Cook whatever he wishes. Believe me, if you’ll skip your work for your partner, he realise that you value him more than your work and will make your bond even stronger. Nothing is more important than the people who love you from the bottom of their heart. If he can love throughout the 365 days, why can’t you plan something special for him.

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  1. Decoration:

Thirdly, another idea is to spend the whole day at home; a perfect day. At night, decorate the house with red balloons and ribbons, when he is asleep. Wake him up in the morning, wishing him Happy Anniversary. Cook together and eat! Then watch his favourite romantic movie together that makes you guys remember your time when you first talked to each other. At home, no one will be there except a bowl of popcorn! And you can enjoy the day without anyone’s disturbance.

  1. Gift him a watch

Another idea is to gift him a watch with a note on it, “Keep this with you every time and come home on time.” If your BAE is late all the time or is lazy to do everything on time, gifting him a watch will make him laugh and he’ll realise that you want him to be perfect from others.

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  1. Gift him a wallet:

Last but not the least, you can gift him a wallet and on that you can have a sperate pocket for, “Wife’s expenses”. I know that’s quite funny but from that day onwards he’ll keep a sperate pocket for your expenses and he’ll not forget it. Well, his whole wallet is yours but doing this will make him remember about you! Whether you’re there at work or not.

So guys, hopefully you liked our article and best of luck for your upcoming anniversary!

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