Saint Patrick's day

Saint Patrick’s day: History and Traditions

Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated every year on 17 March to observe the death of Saint Patrick in the fifth century. It takes place in the season of Christmas of lent. Irish wake up early in the morning and attend the churches while celebrating this day in the afternoon. People celebrate it drinking, dancing and having meals; Irish bacon and cabbage. Saint Patrick’s day is largely celebrated in New York and Boston along with small celebrations in many countries worldwide.

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  • Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick was born in Britain and he was basically a Christianity teacher of the people of Ireland. He, at the age of 16 was unfortunately kidnapped and brought to Ireland to serve the people as a slave but he managed to escape from the place. He then again return to island with a mission and that was to spread Christianity among the people of Ireland. Therefore, he succeeded. At first, he was not welcomed happily by the people of Ireland and as a result, he had to shift to different small places off the coast but slowly and gradually, he managed to spread Christianity to many followers and soon he baptized around thousands of people, including children and adults both into Christianity. In addition to it, Patrick managed to form around 300 churches. Saint Patrick was the only one behind the fame of Shamrock which he used to explain the Christian holy Trinity. Hence, Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated in the remembrance of Saint Patrick’s life and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, on 17 March 461 AD; The day on which he died. So, this tradition spread in many American colonies and Saint Patrick became a unique symbol of Irish culture today!

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  • Development of the Saint Patrick’s day.

This tradition of celebrating Saint Patrick’s day soon spread in many countries and the first  St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in the year 1737 in Boston. Unfortunately, there was a great famine in Ireland due to which many Irish had to migrate in America but still this day was not forgotten and soon in the year 1903, the feast day became an official holiday in Ireland and was regarded as Saint Patrick’s day. This Saint Patrick’s day has been observed in almost all countries worldwide including United States of America, some places in Britain, Canada, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Russia, and in many places around Asia. The Chicago river was also dyed green in order to promote the celebration of this day! Green represents the colour of Shamrock.

  • The tradition observed on Saint Patrick’s day

St Patrick’s day is celebrated largely in Ireland and countries near it as mentioned above but this day is also observed in countries that are far away from Ireland that includes Singapore, Japan and many more. This day is held with many parades and feasts! This day also promotes tourism and culture of Ireland as many people visit Ireland on this day. Ireland’s St. Patrick’s festival is held in Dublin, consisting of many parades, fireworks, theatre shows and concerts and this festival is attended by around 1 million people annually.

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So, hopefully you enjoyed reading this article and have gathered enough information about this day!

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