When is Labour Day in USA and The Labour Day History

When is Labour Day And The History of Labour Day

“Labour day” is celebrated annually in more than 80 countries. Not only this, but different countries have different dates for this holiday. Like in most countries, it is celebrated on the 1st of May and in United States and Canada, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September. Since it is celebrated in 1st of May, it is also called May Day in many countries. So according to the USA, in 2020, labour day will fall on 7 September, 2020.

It is celebrated to thank the American workers for their hard work and strength they showed for the country.

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History of Labour Day 

Labour day in United States basically originated from the labour protests and labour movements of the 18 century, when the American workers used to work 12 hours a day and they didn’t even take a day off which means they worked all 7 days. Not only this, but they worked in really bad conditions and it was so extreme that they didn’t have access to fresh air as well.

Hence, there were regular protests and demonstrations around the streets putting forward some demands like reducing work time and increasing wages.

It all happened in 1886 when a person threw a bomb on the police in the haymarket of Chicago, injuring and leading to death of many policemen. As a result of this massacre, there was firing on workers too.

In the year 1882,  month of September, more than 9000 workers of Newyork protested from City Hall all way down to Union square in order to stand for the labours. Therefore, this was the first parade of the labour Day in United States’ history.

Hence, it can be said that the Labour Day started from the labour movement and was made an annual holiday in the year 1894.

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Why is it celebrated and what kind of celebrations are observed on this day?

It is celebrated so that they can find better working facilities, it is celebrated to improve the working conditions of American labour, it is celebrated to give a one day relief to the labour who are working whole day! If they can work so hard for us, why can’t we feel for them! They also need rest! They also have family to spend time with! They are also humans! We should help them in every possible way we can. There are a lot of celebrations observed on this day like there are rallies and there are street demonstrations as well.

Celebration in the US

Along with the parades and rallies, on this day, the anchors on TV, play Dramas to show the importance of American labour. The politicians too give speeches on their rights. Some American hosts give long lectures on how to improve the lives of the labour, how to respect them but unfortunately, there are very less people in USA who actually respect labours, who actually want to fight for them, who actually want to improve their living. It is very easy for us to write these articles, to give speeches to our children, to criticize other people if they are doing wrong with labours, but we should understand that WE as a person also have to stand for them, WE as a human should also feel for them, WE as a citizen, should stand for American labours, they also have families they also have there lives, respect them and give them the rights they deserve.

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I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and from now onwards, make a promise to yourself that you will help all the labours of this country, give them rest! Take care!

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