Fun And Easy Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve celebration

New Year’s Eve celebration; 5 fun and easy ways to celebrate New Year Eve

New year’s eve, when there are just few hours left in the start of a whole New Year. People all over the world, go out of their homes and enjoy in crowded places whole heartedly. They go for parties and are lost in their own world while dancing and drinking. This is their fun!

So here, what about the people who don’t want to go out of their homes and are so tired from Christmas celebrations that they want to enjoy on their own places? What can they do to entertain themselves?

Well, we are here for you guys with the 5 most fun and easy ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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Cup with labels

In the start of every new Year, people make resolutions. They promiss to themselves that they’re going to avoid so and so thing in the following year or they’ll go for exercising daily in the morning. Hence, if you’re the one who makes resolution annually, here’s a great idea for you. Whether you have invited your friends at the place or you’re celebrating it with your family, you can make drink for yourselves. While pouring the drink for your friends or children, paste a lable tag on each cup and give each person, a pen. Write your new year resolution on that label and drink together.

Use Bubble Wrap Stomp

We all see on the television about the fireworks and how beautiful the colours on the sky look on the New Year’s eve. Besides colours, the sound of fireworks, although is loud, but we enjoy it with our family and friends seeing it live. However, we cannot have fireworks at home but yes, we can have something that sounds like firecrackers; The bubble Wrap. Your children will enjoy the most! Lay down the Bubble Wrap sheet on the floor and as soon as the clocks strucks 12, Stomp! Enjoy!

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Get Fancy Hats

The third and most interesting way is to Get fancy hats! Although, you don’t go out on the New Year’s eve but you can call your relatives and friends at your place! Buy the party hats and distribute the label tags to everyone there. You guys can write your resolutions on these hats and PARTY! Let everyone know what you’re promising to yourself for the following year. It’s quite interesting to know each other’s resolution.

Go for Cakes and Party Poppers

When you have played games and are done with drinking, how can you forget cake? Cakes are cut on special occasion, so how can we forget cutting cake on this wonderful evening when you’re starting a New Year, it should be a fresh start. Unlike the birthday cake, when only one person cuts the cake, here all of you can hold the knife and Cut! Go for some balloons, party poppers and colourful ribbons for decoration.

Fun Moments & Memories

Lastly, you can share your Memories with each other. Since a year will be passing away and a new one will begin. You can discuss how much you enjoyed the last year, write down your fun moments when you went crazy with each other! Time passes but memories are always alive!

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So, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and are going to plan one of those ideas for your upcoming New Year Eve. Good luck everyone!



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