Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Unique and creative baby shower gifts

Invited on a baby shower? Are you confused what to gift a mother- to- be and what not? This is the right place to get baby shower gifts ideas! A baby shower is a very important event for a mother who wants it to be the most memorable event ever and she’s willing to share her happiness with all her family members and friends to increase it. Therefore, we try our best to give her something that is unique and creative both. So here we are going to mention some of the best baby shower gifts you can actually give to a mother- to- be. Here we go!

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  • Gift a one-year photo frame

In a baby shower there are too many people who bring ready-made gifts which the mother ofcourse likes but these gifts are not so creative. So why not make something by your hands? Something great? If so, we can make a one-year photo frame for the mother like you may go for a book or a big extended frame divided into 12 parts for photos. You can label each part like 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and so on. The parents can save their child’s picture on the frame. As a result, this becomes a lifelong gift. This will also help the child to learn numbers as well as keep all the memories alive since you keep on pasting the pictures of your child every month and you see his or her growth! Decorate the frame with your favourite colours, paints and all the stuff for decoration that you prefer! You can add some glitters too!

  • You can create a welcome baby gift set

In order to prepare a gift set for the arriving baby, you will have to buy small gifts such as baby lotions, baby shampoos, baby soaps, baby Oil, teething items, many other stuff toys and a lot of things you think are essential for a baby. You can also include body washes, baby wipes and a set of diapers extra to make it more helpful. So if a mother forgets to buy something for her baby, your gift proves to be helpful for her. Wrap all the things with colourful sheets or you can tie these things with your favourite coloured ribbons and then gather all the things in a plastic basket or a wooden box which you think will also be reusable for her. Hence, this will be a very special gift and will show that you really care for the mother and you have prepared everything by your hands, which will deepen your relation with that mother, whoever she is, your friend or your relative!

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  • Gift 12 hand designed onesies to the mother to be

Firstly, you need to buy 12 onesies that should be simple ones and then design all those onesies in a similar pattern but it should be different! You can decorate it with fabric markers or else fabrics paint. Write a small message on each onesie. That message can be parents quotes or anything as that shows the feeling of love. Finally pack all the onesies together and label it one onesie once a month. Then place it in a beautiful basket and you can decorate that basket as well to make it look more beautiful!

So, after reading this article, hopefully you won’t be facing any confusions regarding what to gift on a baby shower because the above mentioned gifts are meant to be for both babies, boys and girls.

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