Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About it

Thanksgiving Day basically provides us a great opportunity to spend time with each other having dinner together! When we think about this day, Turkey comes in our mind because most of the people eat Turkey as a thanksgiving meal. Now, here we are going to make you aware of some interesting facts about the Thanksgiving Day which you never knew before! I am sure you will have fun reading this! Here we go!

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  • Thanksgiving was not celebrated 200 years ago.

Yes, this day was made a national holiday in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln after a campaign of more than 16 years.

  • Sarah Josepha Hale, played a significant role in making this day a national holiday!

Sarah Josepha Hale was basically a great writer and an excellent editor who campaigned tirelessly for the creation of this Thanksgiving Day that was made a national holiday in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln! She also wrote Mary had a little lamb!

  • How were these birds named turkey?

Turkish used to import guinea fowls which made the Europeans a big fan of them and hence they started calling these birds, Turkeys. When later on, the Spaniards saw the same kind of birds, they started calling them turkeys too and so these birds started to become known as turkeys.

  • Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Canadians also celebrate this day but it is celebrated on a different date that is on the second Monday of October but the reason behind celebrating this day is same; to celebrate the first harvest. Moreover, they follow the same practices of celebration.

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  • Which is healthy turkey or chicken?

So, all the food lovers this one fun fact is for you! Turkey is healthier than chicken; when we take 3 ounces of chicken and turkey each, chicken contains around 240 calories whereas turkey contains less than 200 calories. So, it’s great that you have turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

  • All the turkeys can’t fly.

This must be a very interesting fact for all the animal lovers that just the wild turkeys can fly and from the wild ones also, the one who are lighter in weight are able to fly and they fly at night on the trees to sleep. Other domesticated turkeys are not able to fly!

  • President Roosevelt tried to change the date.

President Abraham Lincoln set the date to Fourth Thursday of November. After some time another president, President Roosevelt tried to change the date of thanksgiving, he wanted it to be fifth Thursday, after one week, but the states continued celebrating it on the previous date. Soon, the date was reversed.

  • Thanksgiving main symbol; Turkey! Places are named after it!

In the United States, there are many places that are named after this main symbol of Thanksgiving, turkey, that includes Turkey Creek and Louisiana Turkey etc.

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  • Since how long are these turkeys existing?

Turkeys have been existing in this world longer that you could have thought of! Turkeys were here even 10 million years ago, researched through the evidence of fossil fuels!

  • Turkey’s weight and their speed!

Talking about average weight of turkeys, each has a weight of around 15 to 16 pounds. Turkeys gobble, we all know, but the interesting fact is that, only male turkeys gobble! Did you know? If we scare a turkey, it can run at a speed of around 19 to 20 miles per hour. Apart from turkeys, corns are also a significant symbol of thanksgiving too!

So, we hope you enjoyed reading these full of fun and interesting facts related to thanksgiving! Read more, learn more!

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