10 Best Places to Find Free Halloween Backgrounds


Halloween Background can be used for many things, Whether you’re looking for a poster for the wall or looking to prepare a good invitation card for your party. Using Halloween card in your project or as decoration will surely take your Halloween celebration to a new level.

Halloween Background can also be used as a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile to celebrate this Holiday season in style, While some people also like to use Halloween Backgrounds as there cover photo or as their status on social media, so they can create a Halloween environment. But it can be hard to find a good site with some of the best Halloween Backgrounds, but you don’t have to worry we have found some of the best sites with Halloween Background for you.

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10 Best Places to Find Free Halloween Backgrounds

Below you’ll see some of the best sites with good Halloween Background images, visit these sites and save the ones you like.

01. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Pexels.com

Halloween Background

Pexels.com has got over 200 different types of Halloween Background which can be downloaded for free. the category includes scary pumpkins, scary cosplay, witches, and many more.

Visit this site and search “Halloween” in the search engine to get Halloween backgrounds, a page will open with all the Halloween Images then click on the image you would like to download when your selected image open in full resolution right-click and select “save image as” to save the image

02. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Pixabay.com

Halloween Background

In this site, you’ll find many Halloween Backgrounds in high quality, in different categories like pumpkins, bats, witches, cosplay, and many more. these images are both scary and cute.

open this site and search Halloween in the search engine all the images related to Halloween will open up, select the one’s like and click download on the right.

03. Free Halloween Backgrounds from PNGTree.com

Visit this site and search Halloween in the search engine to get more than 38 pages of Halloween Backgrounds, these backgrounds are both scary and cute. look through the images and download whichever you like.

to download click on the image you like, a new page will open with your image and option to download free on the right.

04. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Unsplash.com

This site contains some of the best high-quality Halloween Backgrounds which can be used for your Halloween decoration or as your social media cover photo.

to download search “Halloween” in the search bar at the top of the page and when the result appears to click on the image you would like to download, a window will open with your selected image and download button on the top.

05. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Freepik.com

Halloween Background

This site contains many Halloween high-quality free Halloween background images. these images can be used as your desktop background or can be printed as a poster for your wall to celebrated Halloween in style. so if you’re looking for some good Halloween Backgrounds do visit this site and search “Halloween” to get all the Halloween related content.

06. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Wallpaperplay.com

Wallpaperplay.com is one of the best sites with high graphics Halloween Wallpaper, in this site you’ll find different kinds of Halloween backgrounds sorted in categories like; animated Halloween, snoopy Halloween, evil Halloween, funny Halloween and more. choose the category you would like to go have a look at, once you click the category you like a page will open with all the images in this category. once you choose an image you want to download just click on the download button below that image.

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07. Free Halloween Backgrounds from fg-a.com

This site has many categories of Halloween Background including a haunted house, scary witches, pumpkins, trick-or-treat, vampires, and many more. just visit this site and browse through the categories of Halloween Backgrounds and download the images you like.

08. Free Halloween Backgrounds from All-free-download.com

From this site you can download high-quality Halloween Background for free, in this site you’ll find all kind of Halloween Backgrounds, which will surely make your project worth remember, to look through all these Halloween Background just type Halloween in the search engine and all the Background related to Halloween will show up.

09. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Wallpaperaccess.com

This site contains all kind of Halloween Background that too in one of the best quality, any type of Halloween Background you need, you’ll find it on this site. all you have to do is search Halloween in the search engine of this site, it’ll show you all the images related to Halloween with a download button on the bottom of the image.

10. Free Halloween Backgrounds from Pinterest.com

Pinterest is always the best site to find any kind of image or background and just like any other image Pinterest is full of background related to Halloween. all you have to do is search and you’ll find every category of Halloween Background in this site. all you need is to create a Pinterest account and you can download all these images for free.

According to our research, those were some of the top sites with Halloween Background. So if this article helped you in any way, then bookmark this site for more content like this.



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