When Is Veterans Day

When Is Veterans Day in 2019 and The History Of Veterans Day

Veterans day, previously known as the Armistice Day is celebrated to commemorate all the American Veterans who are dead or living and fighting for the country. It’s celebrated on 11 November each year with fill enthusiasm and zeal by the Americans.

In 2019, Veterans Day will fall on 11 November, Monday and in 2020, it will fall on 11 November, Wednesday.

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A brief introduction on Veterans day;

At the end of the World War 1, in the year 1918, 11 September, the Americans were very happy to see peace coming back in the world and everyone celebrated this day happily, they were now safe from the enemies’ attacks. However, this War led to the deaths of almost uncountable Veterans who did not even cared about their life and fought with full energy. Hence, they claimed this day, 11 September as The Armistice Day in order to show happiness with the war ending and to tribute all the Veterans who fought bravely in the war. As a result, in order to respect all the Veterans of World war 1, people started celebrating the Armistice day. However, this name got replaced in 1954.

After that when there were some other wars like the Korean war and the world war 2, in 1954 the US congress, after being insisted by the VSO ( Veterans service organisation) changed the day from Armistice day to Veterans day by following the  act of the year 1938, in order to encourage all the Veterans who have participated in all the wars and are still fighting for the country actively; to be thankful to them.

Hence, this legislation of 1954 declared 11 November to be a public holiday as Veterans Day.

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However later on, there were some changes in the date by the Uniforms Holiday bill in 1968. It declared that the day to be celebrated in the last Monday of the month October (Fourth).

However, many states did not agreed with it and they continued to celebrate it on the same date.

Who agreed for the original date?

When the confusions kept on arising, finally Gerald R. Ford, president of USA, made a law that declared Veterans Day to be celebrated to 11 November annually. This happened in the year 1975, month of September.

How can we differentiate between Memorial Day and Veterans day?

Most importantly, we should keep this thing on mind that we shall not mix this Veterans day with the Memorial Day. Memorial Day is celebrated in the remembrance of the memories of the people who provided services to our nation, to remember the soldiers who died during the wars. On the contrary, Veterans day is celebrated to appreciate the efforts of dead and even living soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for us.

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Hopefully, this article will help you to increase your knowledge about this day and our nation celebrates this day with more and more enthusiasm! Have a good day!

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