How birthdays are celebrated in Brazil

How birthdays are celebrated in Brazil

Brazil is the city where family traditions are given priority over everything. Whether it is a birthday of a wedding ceremony, celebrations in Brazil are a merry way to unite the family one way or another. The Brazilians are full of love and happy go lucky people who spare no chance to celebrate life and everything that comes with it. Their tasteful birthday traditions are one of the many things that makes them one of the finest cultured nation in the world.

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Here are a few traditions by which people celebrate their birthdays in Brazil:

  • Festa de Debutantes

This is a tradition in Brazil where girls celebrate their 15th birthday with divine and extravagant celebrations to mark the year of adulthood in their lives. The Brazilians believe that girls are transformed into exquisite young women at the age of 15 and hence they throw them a big birthday bash to debut their entry in the adult world. The birthday girl receives expensive gifts from their friends and families. Parents spare no expense to mark the most wonderful event of their daughter’s lives to make it extra special and delightful for them.

  • Pulling the earlobes:

Brazilians pull the earlobes of their children to denote their achievements so far. Earlobes are pulled according to the number of years that the children have completed in this world. This alluring tradition is famous to mark the beguiling years of the children and to remind them of the challenges they have faced to come this far. The Brazilians believe that this tradition helps as a reminder to the kids of how far they have come and how far they still have to go.

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  • Decorating the houses

Decorating the houses

Birthdays are considered very important in Brazil, so much that they decorate the house extravagantly for this occasion. The house is adorned with ravishing flowers and dazzling lights. It truly feels magical for the birthday boy or girl and they feel exceptionally loved and appreciated by their friends and families. The Brazilians have a certain love for artistic houses and they love to embellish their houses to celebrate the start of a new year for a member of their family.

  • Customized Birthday cake and authentic food

If you want to know the best part of the birthday celebrations in Brazil, it is their food!

The main types of food that you’ll find at the Brazilian birthday party are Coxinha, Exfira, Kibe, Empaniha, and Pastelzinho. Brazilians also celebrate with sweets known as Docinhos which are famous for the inimitable and matchless taste that quivers the taste buds and makes them want to have more.

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  • Groovy Brazilian Music

Birthdays are an excuse for Brazilians to get high on traditional music and let themselves loose in the rhythm of Brazilian songs. They love to dance gleefully on birthdays. The Brazilians have a special birthday song in Portuguese which is called Parabéns a você that they love to play at the end of the ceremony while cutting the birthday cake.

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