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30 Best Halloween Memes of 2019

Festivals are great source of bringing people closer, Especially festivals like Halloween. Halloween is loved and celebrated by millions of people around the world. Some people celebrate this festival because of fun, and some celebrate this festival to show respect towards ancient tradition, but no matter for what reason people are celebrating, this festival provides a great opportunity to talk to people who are not happy with you for years, or to communicate with strangers.

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Just like Halloween, sending memes to people is also a good way of starting a conversation. Everybody likes the idea of receiving funny memes, Especially on holiday seasons. People always appreciate good memes, Some people likes to share good memes with their friend and family so they can enjoy this season with people who are close to them, while some likes to post memes on their social media timelines to celebrate this season in some cool style and have some fun with their social media friends.

Since the people started celebrated Halloween in America, the original way of celebration has been completely wiped out. Before people used to dress themselves as ghosts or spirits, lit bonfires and put food outside in hope of scaring ghosts off. But now it has been changed into throwing big parties, trick or treat and eating sweets.

Halloween in America

Before the celebration of Halloween was very limited in colonial New England, and Halloween was much more common in Maryland and the southern colonies.

As the beliefs and customs of different European ethnic group, a distinctly new American version of Halloween began to emerge. At first it was only public event held to celebrate the harvests.  People used to dance, sing and tell each other the story of the dead.

By the middle of the nineteenth century Halloween was not celebrated everywhere, But later in the second half of nineteenth century, millions of people migrated to America, these new immigrants especially the millions of Irish fleeing Irish Potato Famine, help to popularized the celebration of Halloween nationally.

Ways of Celebration

Since the Halloween is one the most loved festival all around the world. Different kind of people like to celebrate it in a different way, some people likes to wear scary costumes, while some like to dress as heroes. While children like to dress themselves according to their talent and they go door by door to neighbor showing their talent for money or candies. But its not all about dressing your body some like to celebrate Halloween in style. By setting Halloween images as their laptop background or as their smartphone’s wallpaper, or by sending funny memes to their friends on messages. People also like to post Halloween memes on their social media timelines or as their statuses to have a Halloween holiday season feel. Its all depend of different kind of people that how they want to celebrate their day.

But if you’re one of those who likes to share Halloween Memes on your social media timeline or set Halloween Memes as your status, then you have come to the right place.

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Below we have gathered some of the best Halloween Memes, so save the one’s you like and have a Happy Halloween.

1. Wake up honey, it’s Halloween!

2. Everyone this Halloween.

3. That face you make…

4. I don’t always eat Halloween candy…

5. Not sure if police tape is decoration..

6. They chose trick..

7. Brace yourselves..

8. When you want to be joker..

9. When the whole family..

10. If I’m going to take you all over the neigborhood..

11. That face you make..

12. Is it Halloween yet?!

13. There’s always that one person..

14. I’d be willing to have children..

15. Being pumped for halloween but…

16. When you upload a Halloween meme..

17. Why do you like halloween so much?

18. You say you love..

19. we all have that one friend..

20. When you’re really exicted about halloween but..

21. I’ve been ready for October since..

22. Me on September vs. October

23. What I think my Halloween costume will look like..

24. All my friends have creative Halloween costumes..

25. You said Halloween is boring..

26. You are made for Halloween because..

27. Where is that guy?

28. Want to scare others..

29. When someone posts a non-spooky meme…

30. hey, want some candies?

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